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Magic, elves, goblins and more await you if you choose to play fantasy rpg games. You are usually a warrior on a quest saving a kingdom from evil forces. Lots of allies will join you as they too are powerful and can aid you in battle. If you like Final Fantasy, or Lords of the Rings, these games will be your cup of tea. You also get to explore huge levels as your quest for freedom takes you to many interesting areas. Fantasy themes about classic kingdom, warrior, rescuing princess, slaying dragons have always been something identical with RPGs, but recent development have shifted many things as this kind of element is not often used in RPG anymore. Gamer who are still keen on experiencing this kind of theme when playing shouldnt be worried as they can continue to taste it by checking out all of the current available titles of Fantasy RPG games. Whether it is the latest release or titles that have been popular among game lovers, all can be discovered in this category list. Although we are currently living in modern era, but experiencing fantasy theme RPG is not only nostalgic but also expanding our imagination. Despite the current modern trend in gaming themes, popularity of Fantasy RPG games remain popular among gamer as many developer still producing many new titles. In order to comfortably choosing the right title out of several options, this current category list should provide enough options for all of you game freaks.

Wizard Defense
Wizard Defense
Rage and anger of monsters are coming to your living place, Aludra Village. I...
(Played: 27,471)
Wizards Run
Wizards Run
Wizards Run Top down shooter fantasy with RPG elements . Taking the ro...
(Played: 7,894)
Xantsu: The Awakening
Xantsu: The Awakening
You hear a woman screaming for help. It is your duty to go and save her...
(Played: 11,293)
Zarenkriege In this medieval MMO browser game you will be able to choo...
(Played: 8,703)