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The Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online The War of the Ring is spreading across Middle earth, and as the Company of the Ring embarks on its journey, the call has gone out for Heroes among all the Free Peoples. Your own epic quests will write a new legend of Middle earth as you rise to safeguard the Company of the Ring and preserve hope among the Free Peoples. As you grow in power, ever-more deadly minions of the dread Sauron will seek your doom and fight to keep the Company of the Ring from its goal. Whether they succeed is up to you! Beyond the story you know, your own legend waits to be forged!

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The Lord of the Rings Online

 Lord of the Rings Online

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The Lord of the Rings Online Game Review

Experiencing an Epic Fantasy Tale with The Lord of the Rings Online

Receiving huge amount of popularity for its' novel along with movie franchise, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Lord of The Rings eventually making its way into the gaming industry. Taking an advantage of that situation, Turbine crafted the online game version of that famous title, which has now been made into free to play setup after previously being made as a paid outing. Tagging such a famous franchise, Lord of The Rings Online is trying to stay relevant with the basic storyline of LOTR, although being a game there's always some segment that sort of drifting away from its basic tale.

Starting out this game, players must first download its client service package which can require some time, so patience is required quite early for gamer as they must wait for a while before eventually able to get things going. Once everything is set, players will be enchanted with a fine cinematic scenes which provides guidelines about Lord of The Rings tale. After that exquisite introduction, gamer can immediately start their character setup by choosing one out of four playable races (Men, Hobbits, Elves along with Dwarfs ). Aside from it, players can also pick what type of classes do they want their race to be, which are quite plenty as the game offers nine options, but unfortunately some might not compatible with certain races. That's why players are advised to check out the availability between classes and races, before making their choice.

Another interesting option during that character setup is the opportunity in choosing which region do gamer wants their hero to come from. Basically players can become one of the leading man of Gondor, Rozan, or any other places that can be discovered in Lord of The Rings tale. Adding more details about the available classes, apparently free gamer won't be able to use the likes of The Warden and Rune Keeper, which is a shame indeed, but that's basically one of that exclusive setup where only premium package can activate. Nevertheless, there's already quite plenty choices for those who are not keen on using real cash for this title, so there shouldn't be any issues in trying to enjoy this outing.

After completing all the required character setup, including the features customization, gamer can immediately embark on their gaming journey and it's also advised that they use the tutorial so they won't be missing anything essential from this outing. Players can capture many fine stuff through the tutorial as it offers element of the game's story which is somewhat essential in this outing, considering this game is heavily driven by its marvelous tale. Basing it on the actual storyline, this game is setup during The Fellowship journey's towards Mount Doom, this is where gamer are set to get themselves involved into an exciting adventure that can only be seen or read before.

Just as many other MMORPG, the game play of this outing is somewhat similar where players are asked to finish up missions related story along with some quests here and there which can helped enhancing their hero's characteristic. The main difference would from Lord Of The Rings Online would probably be its seriousness in capturing the story, which is not normally common in majority of current online games. Moreover, explaining more about the questing in this game, players are encouraged to complete it all as it will give them that opportunity in acquiring deeds and title. Having such a strong orientation in storyline along with completing quest, brought that sense of classic RPG vibe for this title, something that die hard role player would definitely dig.

The game control for Lord of The Rings Online is also quite simple as gamer can just completed all of their actions by using mouse function, including during battles. This outing's battle system itself is nothing complicated as it's being set as a real time action combat where gamer can immediately attack their opponent by pointing at them, either using normal strikes or skills, which can be learned each times a character's is leveling up. This simple setup is something that not only making it easier for seasoned gamer, but also for those who have just starting out their RPG journey.

Although having a much more focus on its story and quest, Lord of The Rings Online obviously isn't neglecting it's interactive section as players can still enjoy PvP battles, in which they can even use a monster character that they created themselves. Aside from that there's also that normal joint force features such as fellowship (group) along with guild (kinships), those setup can fulfill the need for those who are looking to do some battles along with their comrades.

Regarding its visual, this game is being set as a 3D outing, so it does provides an interesting viewing for gamer. Moreover, LOTR Online actually have a quite unique setting for its graphic since the developer offers two types of client that can give either low or high resolution. This setup means that gamer who doesn't have any excellent computer setup can still play it, though they might not enjoy the full potential of its visual. The world is also being crafted in a lovely fashion along with a quite interesting character design, though there's not much options for customization.

Despite requiring quite high amount of memory at first and seemingly much more attractive being a single player game, Lord of The Rings Online is a very interesting game that can provide that enchanting moment for those who are keen with this story. Some limitation being provided for free gamer also won't give too much issue for players in completing it as there's more than enough features along with setup that can help them enjoying their gaming journey. In all, this title's free-to-play option is an intriguing gaming option for those who call themselves RPG lovers.

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