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Warstory Europe in Flames

Warstory Europe in Flames Warstory - Europe In Flames Review Warstory – Europe in Flames is a 2D browser-based strategy video game you can play online. Even though the game is strategy based and set in World War II, the game itself is unique as the combat system is not like any other game from the genre. Also, the graphics are bright and colorful compared to the depressing color palettes that are often associated with war video games. The goal in this game is simple as it pretty much mirrors what happened in real-life. You will take control of either the Americans or Soviets in hopes of freeing Europe from the clutches of Germany. You will need to make your way to Berlin and try to liberate other cities in Europe too along the way. Germany is always computer controlled so you will never get a chance to play as the “bad guys” in this game. The first thing you will do in this game is to pick your commander. You cannot alter their appearance, although there are pictures of pre-made commanders you can choose from. From memory, there are only five or six commanders to choose from and this includes only one female character. Once you’ve chosen a commander and thought of a decent name for them, you can then start heading to Germany to save the world. The illustrations in this game are commendable. Although it might be unrealistic, your “instructor” in the tutorial is an attractive female officer. I guess the game developer wanted people to pay attention to the tutorial because some of them can be boring and mundane to play through. There are no voice-overs in the game, but the text boxes and overall presentation of the game is clean and bold enough for you to read the words on the screen properly. This is unlike other video games where the text is so small you cannot read anything. All you really have to do in this game is click on a city in Europe, and then a battle sequence occurs. Travelling from city-to-city may take time depending on where your current position is. If you are somewhere in Europe and want to travel to the other side of the continent, this may take more than just a few minutes in order for you to get there. When you have reached your desired location, then it’s time to choose the type of units you want to fight. This best part about this game is that you can let the computer automatically decide who gets to fight for you. All you have to do is press on the “automatic unit deployment” button and the computer will choose troops and unit that are balanced and fair enough to beat the opposing enemy. Once the battle sequence screen loads up (it only takes a few seconds) you are then ready to experience the combat system Warstory offers. It plays a little bit like other RTS video games where you can use the mouse to highlight which units you want to move and attack. The only difference in this game though is that combat is slightly turn-based so you will have to wait for the enemy to move to its desired position first before you can move your units too. Most of the time when I played the game, the enemy would just face off against my army head on and what results is a full frontal assault. What results as a part of this is that all units will start shooting at each other and there’s nothing you can do but watch. Even if your units are dying, you cannot tell them to retreat as they will continue attacking until one team in completely dead. The combat system overall isn’t bad, although it might have been better if everything wasn’t fully automated as featured here. Another thing to note about this game’s combat mode is that it criminally does not feature any sound effects. Your units will just be shooting the enemy in absolute silence. You don’t even hear any type of explosion if you manage to kill of a tank or anything like that. This was weird to note because it’s not as if the game is totally devoid of any sound whatsoever. There’s music you can listen to when you choose which city you overrun and other sound effects pop up here and there as well. Why are there birds singing during combat sequences instead of the sound of gunfire and explosions? As aforementioned, the graphics in this game are great because it’s not dark and dingy as most war games are like. The attractive girls in the game are one thing, but the tanks and other units you see during combat are well animated too. You will actually see soldiers dying on the ground and tanks catching on fire before they explode. The camera isn’t too far from the action either so your units don’t look too small to look at. Overall, Warstory is a highly enjoyable strategy game that has attractive visuals and gameplay that isn’t as clichéd like most other RTS video games can be. The combat system is unique and you don’t have to tediously construct buildings or train your troops for hours on end like you would for other games in a similar genre. You can just delve deep into the action immediately and reap the rewards too. If you love a fast paced strategy game, then Warstory – Europe in Flames is perfect for you. Set during World War 2, these free mmo rpg game is field with allied companies, powerful combat units and individually specialized heroes. Dynamic real time battles demand quick and tactical thinking. But in the end the combined forces of thousands of players are needed to liberate Europe successfully: Berlin must fall!Your Mission to Liberate Europe! Europe is aflame: Choose your faction, fight side by side with your friends and decide WW2.

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Warstory Europe in Flames

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Warstory Europe in Flames

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