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Age of Defense

Age of Defense Inspired from Age of War, Epic War, The Last Stand and Clash of the Olympians this is a great defense game with 40 levels in 8 ages, 32 characters, 37 weapons, 34 achievements to be unlocked. Brave warrior unarmed with thrown object, arrow and gun weapon will try to protect main base and survive all 40 waves. Instructions: Hold mouse to increase throw power, then release it to throw a thrown object. Press mouse to shoot arrows and guns, when ammo empty, it will automatically reload. Press 1 to use primary weapons. Press 2 to use secondary weapons. Press Space Bar to cast special weapons. Click world to set background. When blue bar maximum. Weapons will affect special effects: fire, poison, explode and light. Click Spell Button to use spells, each age own different spells. Press P or click menu to pause and show the menu.

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Age of Defense

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