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Grepolis Grepolis Is Ancient Greece themed strategy mmorpg game that allows the players to follow the footsteps of Alexander, Perseus, Leonidas, Achilles and other Greek heroes, build they own classical, but yet magnificent city, complete with a Senate Building, forge mighty alliances, utilize the power of the gods and mythological troops, conquer the world! First, start with building up your small Polis town and lead to a huge metropolis, a thriving Aegean metropolis, establishing a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away.

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 Grepolis Game

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Grepolis Game Review

On your trip to glory and honor, you should also take care of the gods of the Greek Pantheon: Zeus, Hera, Athena or Poseidon. Their favor could be essential in your victory or defeat. Instructions: There are three key resources in Grepolis, Wood, Rock, and Silver which are all generated at different buildings. Farms will increase your city population and warehouses increase the cap of resources players can store. After getting their economies set up, players must train land troops, ships, and even mythological creatures to defend themselves from aggressors.

Grepolis is a free-to-play browser based online game. Your main objective in the entire game is to build up a small town into a huge city. From there you can establish a mammoth army so you can conquer all the other surrounding islands. In other words, it plays like a traditional RTS game. You start off really small before you can venture off onto bigger and better things.

As aforementioned, Grepolis is a traditional RTS game. If youíre the type of gamer that loves to see immediate action, you wonít find it here with Grepolis. First-person shooter fans should stay clear of Grepolis as itís the type of game that requires more than just a few minutes for you to be able to enjoy it.

First of all, you will have to do multiple tedious tasks like in most other RTS games of building your city before you can build an army. Itís a time consuming process as you donít have all the resources available to you from the beginning of the game. This means you have collect resources, recruit workers and then wait for them to construct the building you require. Itís a process that is common in the RTS genre and Grepolis doesnít really offer an experience different from most other games of that genre.

There are numerous other players that occupy the island in Grepolis. Depending on how youíre feeling, you can choose to become allies with them, or you can attack their city in hopes of conquering it. As I mentioned before, players that want immediate action wonít find it here in Grepolis. Beginners are unable to attack other peopleís cities as they all under the games ďbeginnerís protectionĒ. This means you are protected for 7 days before you are able to launch an attack. Itís a feature thatís helpful for you to build you city first, although 7 days is a long time for some players and Iím sure it may deter their enjoyment of Grepolis.

Since there are surrounding players, you can call them for support if another player attacks your city and vice versa. You can choose to send out additional troops or resources to aid them anyway you can. There are times certain players may constantly attack you for the resources you might have so it pays for you to build a strong army as well as make friends in Grepolis. The last thing you want is to be beaten because no player in the game wanted to help you outÖ

Although Grepolis is a free-to-play game, you have the option to buy gold (using real money) to get access to some of the benefits non-paying Grepoils donít have. There are five different ďadvantagesĒ that you can purchase in Grepolis that will make life in the game much easier for you. Some of benefits you will get include making your army stronger, faster resource production and continued development support. Itís not entirely necessary to purchase these benefits but if you want to be the best Grepolis player in the world, investing some money in the game wonít be such a bad idea.

Hours of your free time will need to be invested if you want to get the most out of Grepolis. It will take hours to actually build one city let alone several cities on several islands. Once youíve been able to establish an army and conquer a few other playersí cities, only then does Grepolis become a fun game. If youíre the impatient type of player, Grepolis will be too time-consuming to interest you.

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