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Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals Urban Rivals Review There are lot of card video games out there. People usually play the real thing by purchasing tangible card decks like with Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh. Alternatively, there are a ton of trading card games that people can play online as well. I have played a handful of them and they are still enjoyable even though everything is done virtually. The best part about online trading card type video games is that they are mostly free to play too so you do not have to spend your money on expensive decks. The style of Urban Rivals is unlike in any other trading card type video game I have ever played. This is because the art style that is used on the actual cards is all humans. Normally in trading card games you will have a deck of cards that are all littered with monsters. Here in Urban Rivals you will be playing as comic book style humans instead. The illustrations on the cards are commendable and stylish to look at. Still, the graphics are as simple as they can be since you are just playing as a deck of up to eight cards in total. First of all, players will have to choose between three different types of decks that they want to start off with. The types of decks you can choose include Action, Danger and Cool. Action decks are all about power and strength. Danger decks are about sneaky and dirty tactics to throw an opponent off guard. The Cool deck is for those that want to protect their health points and also disable an opponents abilities too. Once you have chosen a deck, you are already thrown into your first match. Urban Rivals is a very fast game and its unlike any other trading card video game I have ever played before. Each match is set by a number of rounds and only one card can fight one another per round. This is not like with other trading card games where you can place more than one card on the battlefield and choose to attack a specific card on the opposing team. One card from each team can face each other only and the most powerful card that is chosen often wins that round. The most rounds that is won will determine the winner of the match. It is a simple and very fast paced system that is easy enough for any person to understand and grasp. To add a bit more fun to the game play, there is a set of 12 pills that each player can have at the start of each match. Using pills on your cards will enable you to become stronger so you can defeat an opponent easily. The more pills you use on a card, the stronger you will get. You have to watch out when you will use the pills because your opponent can just as easily use a pill to increase their attack power too. Its best to use pills wisely because you do not want to use them all on the first round just to lose the next three because your cards were too weak. Upon saying that, you do not want to play the game without using pills either because you are likely to lose all of the time. The presentation in the game is impressive. Not only does the comic book style illustrations on the cards look great, but even the backgrounds that you play in are nicely drawn as well. Not only that, but there is sound effects that are included here plus some tense background music that is played throughout each and every battle you engage in. Not to mention the button and menu layout of the game is clean and user-friendly too. When you play long and hard enough, you will have the chance to unlock new cards to add to your deck. You can choose to play a standard game against real players or you can play missions where you will face off against the A.I. Much like a real trading card video game, you can use real money to actually purchase on new cards and characters that you would like to add to your deck. You can simply purchase booster packs or you can even participate in an auction if you want get your hands on the more powerful cards. You can also purchase cards using the games own currency called clintz if you do not feel like using your own money on the game. The only thing that bugs me a little about the game is that some players take a lot of time before they decide which card they want to draw. The game gives you a generous 90 seconds for you to decide which card you want to use and how many pills you are taking as well. The round cannot start unless both players have made a decision and some players I have encountered sure like to take their time. Other than that, Urban Rivals is a highly enjoyable video game that has a simple battle system that anyone can understand. Traditional trading card game fans might dislike the simplicity of the game since there is little strategy involved. All that you are doing is drawing one card to see which one is the strongest. The pill system adds a little more fun to the battles, but they are not enough to make battles engaging as those seen in other trading card games. Nevertheless, if youre looking for some sweet, short and simple entertainment, look no further than Urban Rivals . It is fast to load and free to play.

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Urban Rivals

 Urban Rivals Game
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Urban Rivals Gameplay

Urban Rivals Is mmorpg trading card game. At the start of each match, both players are randomly given 4 cards from their decks and chose which of these cards will participate in each of the matchs four rounds. Cards gain new abilities and increase in power as they rank up while players gain access to higher level channels and earn clintz with which to purchase new cards. Choose what type of deck would like to start with: Action - Fight mean and strong. Emphasis on brute power and damage . Danger - Unnerve your opponents with dirty tricks. Emphasis on sneaky abilities .Cool - Keep control and protect your life points. Collect and trade hundreds of super cool characters and level them up to unlock abilities and improve their stats. Fight in tournaments to show your skills and win prizes.

Urban Rivals Iphone

BUILD your team, LEVEL UP your characters and CHALLENGE thousands of players. Welcome to Clint City! Chaos has been rampant for way too long as each clan wants to seize control of the city. It's time to put an end to all this craziness. Do you have what it takes to become the new Master of the city? Urban Rivals is a multiplayer strategic game, already ranked in RPG Top 10 in Germany, Canada, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal... Discover hundreds of awesomely designed characters who gain experience after each fight, improve their stats, unlock powerful abilities and change their physical appearance as they level up. Join tournaments, win prizes, trade characters and complete missions. Your 1st mission: Download the app and register for FREE right now! FEATURES - Intense and strategic fights - Over 500 characters available - Numerous game modes - In game tutorial to easily learn the rules of the game - A market to trade your characters with other players - 8 millions registered users means you'll find opponents online 24/7

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