Description: Florensia Florensia is a free 3D fantasy MMORPG game providing a whole new game world with outstanding anime graphics and a unique dual battle system, the vast ocean and various features supporting experiences on both land and sea. Choose one of the 4 basic classes Explorer, Mercenary, Noble, Saint and change your job class at level 40. There are in total 12 playable classes with unique abilities that you can master. There are currently 4 main islands with impressive cities, ten contemplative Trade Islands with trading posts and Pirate Hideouts in the Hoomanil Ocean. Meet incredibly brave boss monsters on your journeys or follow the epic background story while performing numerous quests. Rare treasures and equipment can be found, unsealed, destroyed, refined or traded. Fish for rare goods, get production materials from old equipment pieces and upgrade your weapons for a fiery glow. Buy rare trade goods, ship them over the ocean and sell them at a profit if you are fast enough. The borders of the known world expand and rumors tell the times of peace and harmony will come to an end one day.
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