Shards of the Dream
Description: Shards of the Dream Shards of the Dream is a gloomy fantasy real time rpg game. It is an real journey adventure set in a post cataclysmic world were player will discover new untouched lands, exploring dungeons, fights with nightmare creatures, hordes of monsters, anarchy political system. In this world split on two pieces, you will become a savior, hero, destroying the evil forces and gaining tremendous influence on people and factions, becoming one powerful, cunning, intelligent, famous fighter and hero. Go a long way to save the world, wiping out your enemies, stocking up in dangerous places, and you will be the Shard of the Dream, born in a small village, but eventually becoming a one master skilled fighter slaying monsters, performing complex battle quests, gaining experience points and gold. Instructions: Think over for every tactic of warfare, do not rush into the midst of the monsters, and discuss a plan of action with your mates.
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