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The Princess of Fire

The Princess of Fire The Princess of Fire 1 is fantasy, adventure visual novel game wit a slice of romance. It features an abundance of original hand drawn and computer generated artwork, atmospheric sound effects plus original music. Although it is technically not a dating simulation game , it does have enough similarities to games in the renai category. If you are a fan of visual novels then you really have to try The Princess of Fire. The game has a straight forward adventure fantasy story line that will keep you intrigue for a couple of hours. The princess of fire is a very light game, merely 12mb, and can easily be downloaded to your computer. It has a lot of original content, from the hand drawn graphical artworks, interactive sound effects and an original midi music which will really set you in the mood once you play the game. The story starts when God has become tired, and made different gods and goddess to rule and watch over mankind. Over the years mankind slowly forgot their gods and started to become independent. Humans fought for power, wealth, and baseless ideology, therefore making man a slave to their selfishness. The gods decided to punish the humans for their acts and put them in an eternal night. Humans where in pain and despair, they began to realize their foolishness and a slowly they realize that they were wrong. The goddess of the moon can never endure the pain she sees upon the human, so with pity, she gave them hope. She blessed the chosen one the Silver Crescent, an artifact that illuminates the darkness which gave the humans a chance to renew themselves. The artifact united the people and taught them magic that can be used to help them in their daily lives. People lived in peace for a couple of centuries until the day when evil wreck havoc to humanity again. Dont bother on finding an interaction for this game; because it is simple a graphical novel and you will just have to go with the story. Enjoy the story, romance, and the admirable character of this unique dating sim game.

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The Princess of Fire

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