Forgotten Elements
Description: Forgotten Elements Forgotten Elements is a free browser based real time Action RPG game. You will be offered to choose from among three character classes and dive into the world of Forgotten Elements, consisting of many areas and randomly generated dungeons. Collect thousands of different items and teach your character mighty skills and enhancements. You can also combine your skills with those from other classes and duel other players with a unique strategy. Challenge other players at the PVP Arena or invite them to trade valuable items and artifacts. The timeless shores of Seahorse Island lay many miles out from the main-land. A small and isolated place, the islanders have lived a simple life for as long as anybody can remember. The story begins with Mia waking up in a hospital bed after being found asleep in the woods by the island doctor. She wakes amidst a growing crisis on Seahorse Island. The crops have stopped growing, and the trees and plant life are mysteriously dying despite an abundance of rain. Furthermore, Mia has no memory of who she is, or where she came from. Mia then embarks upon a quest to discover who she is, and what is happening to the island. Who is the mysterious Mr. Clancy who turns up at the hospital looking for her, and what does he want? During her adventures, Mia will explore isolated beaches, negotiate treacherous mountain passes, and descend into deep under water caverns, as well as visit the various towns and villages on the island. Despite her perilous journey, the toughest challenge Mia will face may prove to be the islanders themselves. As their self-sufficient and insular society finds itself powerless to deal with the unexpected, their darker emotions and prejudices begin to surface.
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