Dungeon Fighter
Description: Dungeon Fighter The mystical land of Arad is a beautiful place, with lush green forests, vast snowy planes, beautifully builder towns with dusty cobblestone streets, magical fortresses atop the back of flying whales, a gravity defying Sky Tower that stretches into the deep blue of Middle Ocean, which itself defies gravity as it floats above the sky, separating Arad from the land of Empyrean.Arad was once a rich and vibrant land that enjoyed peace and prosperity until it was overrun by a mysterious darkness known as the Devolution. Save Arad from a grim fate now! Guiding you along your way is a colorful cast you will be send on critical quests, enhance equipment and skills, aid in manufacturing items you will need in your myriad adventures, and fill in important pieces in the larger narrative tapestry of Arad and its struggle to resist the dark and insidious advancement of the Devolution. Much rests upon your shoulders, but with great responsibility comes great reward.
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