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A Smashing Day Out

A Smashing Day Out Pure puppy love for you.In other words, the yaoi fan girls will be a little disappointed but I hope they laugh anyway. Smashing Day Out is simply hilarious! Everything from the graphics, conversation and the story behind it really makes it fun and interesting to play. Although it isnít the usual dating sim game, the way you get to the boys heart is really something that the girl gamers would want to try. You and three other characters are together on a picnic, but Marth doesnít want to have a friendly picnic, help her out and get her a boyfriend somehow. Start by picking up the appropriate answer, you should be polite and cute, because boys donít like it when you are too flirty or too fresh. If you act rude, or unmannered then you will surely be starting all over again. If you honestly think that you were choosing the right answers but still failed to impress the boys then itís time for you to remember the right answers. It is going to take a lot of patience and perseverance to impress the boys. The fun dialog and the funny expressions from the character sometimes push you to wrongly answer those questions. It is indeed fun making the other characters feel weird and unimpressed, but the goal of the game is to give Marth her boyfriend, so we really have to do it in the correct and polite way. In a few minutes you will be able to get the hang of answering them and moving on smoothly with each other, remember to focus on your target, because you might end up losing if you want try to get all of them. With patience and perseverance you will surely give Marth her boyfriend. You can always play again and check how the characters interact with each other. Every aspect of the game works well together and will surely interest female gamers to play this fun and exciting dating sim game.

Rating: 4.17 [Rate]
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A Smashing Day Out

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