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Imaginary Realm 1

Imaginary Realm 1 Made in 2003-2004. A short role playing game based on Imaginary Realm. There are 64 dishes and 9 endings altogether. Enjoy. Hopefully? Instructions: Skip conversation: Down arrow. Skip to mini-game: c only works on the main screen.

Rating: 2.33 [Rate]
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Imaginary Realm 1

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28 October 2013Kyo-Kyo77
YOUR IT!!!!(Dint send back)
It's pretty funny you opened this because..... . . . . . Over the next 4 days you will:
1.have someone fall in love with you
2. Find A 20$ on the ground
3. Go out with the person you like
4. Your best friend will get you a very nice gift
BUT first you have to fwd this! *Send to 10 ppl in the next 143 minutes if you break the chain you'll have problems with
- relationship s
- your job/school/f a m i l y for 5 years!!
Go back and tag someone else! NO TAG BAG
13 April 2011sonicfan567
Taunt  AD  Closed eyes  Winesmiley  Gun toot smiley  Jazz...  Vader  Yabbahut  CanCan  Oldy  Superhero  Vader
13 April 2011sonicfan567
Nervous  Nervous  Nervous  Capitulation  Wave  Sad
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