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Call of Gods

Call of Gods After a successful beta, the long awaited browser based game Call of Gods has officially arrived to Aeria Games. Be one of the first to enjoy this exciting new RTS game featuring RPG elements. In Call of Gods, you will choose a race and class, assemble your heroes, build an army, and journey across a sprawling world as you defeat your foes. Call of Gods is a free-to-play browser based RTS game available to play online. This means any computer should be able to play it making it accessible to a wider audience. Although Call of Gods is developed by a Chinese company, it has a Western-style appearance. Not that this is a bad thing, just stating the fact you won t see the anime-style character models that are often prevalent in games made by Asian developers. Before you start the game, you have the chance to choose the character that will represent you. There are six characters in all and three different species for you to choose from. Of course there are humans and elves that you can be much like in most other fantasy-based video games. What separates this game from most others is that you can even by Undead characters. Most of the time, they are your enemies but in Call of Gods, they can be the heroes in the game. The reason Undead characters are heroes in this game is because they share a common goal with the humans and elves in the game. This is to rid the invading demons who thought it is a great idea to come onto Earth. However, conflict arises between all of the races and you eventually have to fight with everyone… Being as this is an RTS game, the typical isometric camera viewpoint makes its return here in Call of Gods. Graphically, the game is bright and colorful like most Asian-developed video games usually are. Even though Call of Gods is a browser-based video game, the visuals are still impressive and the character design exudes detail and creativity. The female characters look elegant and beautiful while the Undead characters looks downright awesome. As always, you begin the game going through the mandatory tutorial. The weird part about the tutorial is the fact it s played with no background music. For a minute I thought this game was one of the many free-to-play video games that don t offer any audio whatsoever. Thankfully, this isn t the case as when you finish the tutorial, the music kicks in. The soundtrack is quite soothing and relaxing. Not only this, but different music plays during each different area you visit. Not too shabby at considering most free-to-play RTS games are played in absolute silence. The battle theme in this game is epic by the way and rivals the battle themes heard from the Final Fantasy games. RTS games are usually slow-paced and quite boring if you are not really a fan of the genre. Call of Gods is not that typical RTS game and tries to keep things more exciting and user-friendly. Although constructing buildings and recruiting soldiers becomes your main goal in Call of Gods, it s not as time consuming as it is in most other games. This is a good thing as it doesn t break the flow of the game. The other thing that will please most gamers is the fact that combat can be viewed and witnessed by the player. Whenever you engage into any battle, the game loads a separate screen where you can see your soldiers duke it out in battle in real time. This is the most redeeming factor of the game in my opinion as other RTS games don t offer this type of entertainment. All you are presented with is a report card of your progress and you don t actually get to see anyone fight. With that being said, combat is still simulated and you cannot control what your soldiers are doing in battle. This is something that needs to be changed in the RTS genre to make it more appealing. There are a plethora of quests that are available in Call of Gods in which you can accept from various non playable characters in the game. In order to get the most out of this game, you will have to do quests and levels up until you are at level 10. Once you reach level 10, you are then able to explore dungeons, form alliances and even challenge other players in combat. Another great thing to note about Call of Gods is the variety of soldiers that you can recruit and train. They are not all soldiers that wield swords and shields like in most RTS games. In your army you can assign archers, riders (on horses) and lots of other soldiers. It keeps the game fresh and the combat a lot less repetitive to watch. Although a number of mission become repetitive since most of them involve you trying to kill a specific person or beast. Call of Gods is a highly enjoyable RTS game that offers hours of fun gameplay and great graphics and character design. Not to mention the soundtrack in the game is one of the best I ve ever heard from a free-to-play video game. Even if you are not a fan of RTS games, Call of Gods offers fast paced gameplay that should please even the most anti-RTS type of gamer.

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Call of Gods

Call of Gods

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