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Forsaken World

Forsaken World Forsaken World is a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Eyrda. The game offers 5 races, 8 classes, guild battles, and over 10 occupations. Forsaken World is published by the same studio behind Perfect World, and is inspired by European mythology.

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Forsaken World

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Forsaken World Review

Forsaken World is a free to play MMORPG game that you can download online. Released in 2012, the system requirements are not too high-end for most users today. All you really need to know is that you require at least 8GB of free space on your hard drive in order to download and install it. There is also a mobile version of the game that you can play too. Much like many other fantasy MMORPGs , Forsaken World starts off by allowing you to create your own character. There are seven class types to choose from and each one represents a different race of people. The classes/species are: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Stoneman, Kindred, Lycan and Demon. Players are also free to choose whether they want to be a male or female character.

In terms of character customization, there is not a lot that you can do here other than giving them a different looking face and altering their skin color and hairstyle. Other than that, you cannot change their height or body type and you cannot even give them a different looking costume. Still, itís nice to see that options are made available as several other games just force a character onto you from the get go. Once you pick your character, you are ready to play the game. The control scheme is much like how it plays with other game in the MMOROG genre. Players can choose to use the mouse in order to automatically run to their next destination or they can use the WASD keys. Players can also use the right mouse button in order to control the camera so you know where you are going. Itís cool that you can effortlessly control the camera as other games just offer only one camera viewpoint.

Even though Forsaken World is a Adventure RPG game and 3D video game, it plays a bit like those 2D MMORPGs where you automatically run to your next destination. This kind of ruins the experience of exploring the game world yourself, but it also helps you to know where you are going at all times and quickens up the pace too. Combat in Forsaken World is as basic as it can be. All you have to do is click on the enemy you want to face and your character starts hacking away on its own. There are several abilities that you can press with additional buttons, but the combat system is a little weak in my opinion and could have been much better. Not to mention you cannot even dodge attacks as you just stand there hoping to kill your opponent before they get a chance to.

Aside from the usual fetch and hunting style of quests, Forsaken World also offers PvP combat and the chance for you to ride on many of its Mounts. There are several mounts that you can ride on ranging from those on the ground to even flying dragons. PvP can be cool and chaotic, although the simplistic control scheme can make it seem like a basic hacking contest between both sides. Graphically, Forsaken World looks good on the PC with bright colors and unique character designs. However, the graphics may appear to look outdated to some as it wonít wow you if you are playing it in 2016 and beyond. After all, the game was released back in 2012. The mobile version actually looks on par with the PC version which is pretty cool. It also runs really well and I didnít encounter many technical problems playing both versions. Overall, Forsaken World is a really enjoyable MMORPG that fans of the genre will like. The graphics are adequate and there are a ton of quests for you to undertake. The only weak side to the game is that the combat system feels old and archaic. Other than that, you will still have a great time playing this game if you can tolerate the hacking style of gameplay.

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