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Eredan Eredan Arena Review Eredan Arena is a free to play online trading card video game. The game is playable via your computer, or you download the official app via Google Play or the App store. No matter where or how you play the game, Eredan Arena is an addictive game that is easy to pick up and play. Its simplistic nature makes it accessible to almost anyone as the rules are not as complicated as other trading card games out there.

In general, online trading card games are usually more accessible because everyone has a chance to play the game for ďfreeĒ. When it comes to real trading card games, starting off can be an expensive endeavor because buying starter packs can be pricey. Not to mention if you want to add more cards to your deck, you have to pay even more money. This is one of the reasons why I never got into real trading card games since the money issue put me off. Online trading card games are more generous as you are given cards from the get-go without paying a cent.

Eredan loads up pretty fast since this is just a trading card video game after all. The game starts off immediately with a tutorial where it tells you how exactly you are to play the game. The tutorial is explained in just 13 easy steps because all you really need to do is choose a card and make it battle against your opponentís cards. You have five cards in your deck at one time and the battle ends if you manage to beat your opponent three times.

Each card has a number on the left had corner telling you how much power that specific card has. The more power you have, the more damage you are likely to dish out on your opponent. You have three chances of hitting your opponent and the more damage you do, you will win that round. You can put things in your favor by clicking on the special attacks on the bottom of the screen. Here, you can choose which type of abilities your cards can do. Sometimes this comes down to a matter of luck because some abilities donít always show up when you want them to.

The one thing I liked most about Eredan Arena was its fast pace. Sometimes when Iím playing trading card games online, some players take a long time to make their decisions and it can be boring needing to wait for them to make their move. In Eredan Arena, you are not given that much time to think so it makes battles that more intense and exciting. Not to mention you only have five cards per deck so battles are over quite quickly without getting too long or boring.

That being said, Eredan Arenaís simplistic nature might put off gamers that like more hardcore trading card type games. This is far from a game like Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic The Gathering as battles are won quickly without too much thought. You donít even need to position cards on a specific grid in Eredan Arena either. Cards only battle one-on-one which might be too easy for some players.

Eredan Arenaís community however is pretty healthy as you wonít have to wait long to find someone to play with. When I played the game, I managed to find someone to play with in a mere few seconds. Eredan Arena is available to play on a wide variety of different devices and is playable worldwide so there should be a lot of people playing the game no matter what country you live in.

As you win battles in Eredan Arena, you are given a choice to open one of six chests. Opening the chest allows you to access to upgrade your cards. This can be the way of red gems that allow you to buy boosters or you can even upgrade your existing cards. If you really want to, you can purchase diamonds with real money. Diamonds gain you access to buy even more powerful cards that you can put into your deck. Only do this if you feel like spending your own money playing this game. Itís not necessary to do this as you can upgrade your deck by just winning matches anyway.

Graphically, Eredan Arena is very colorful and the artwork on the cards is pretty cool looking as well. The game takes heavy inspiration from Japanese anime as the character illustrations are detailed. Eredan Arena could easily become a cartoon of its own much like Yu-Gi-oh if it becomes popular enough. The audio is commendable too as a booming soundtrack plays to intensify the atmosphere during battles.

Overall, Eredan Arena is a fun trading card game that is easy to play. Veterans of the genre may think the game is too easy so they should probably find an alternative. For everyone else, Eredan Arena is very entertaining and is sure to keep you occupied for many hours as players are always available to play with and battles are short and entertaining.

Rating: 3.67 [Rate]
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