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Farmerama If youve ever heard or played Facebooks Farmville video game, then you may already have an idea of that Farmerama is about. You basically have to manage a farm which is full of crops, trees and many animals for you to raise. Much like Farmville, Farmerama is free to play and browser based so theres no downloading required in order for you to play it. Unlike in Farmville, Farmeramas visuals are in 3D and the game looks great. One thing to bear in mind though is that if you have a weaker computer, the game takes a bit of time to load when you start. The loading times are only slow when you start the game and are not so bad once the game has loaded from then on. The cartoon-style graphics will be worth it in the end as they are lovely to look at. The tutorial is very helpful thanks to its easy to follow step-by-step directions and the games overall clean presentation. The game has bright colors and big buttons for you to press so its easy for you to know what you are doing next. It is this type of clean presentation I like in video games as some other free to play games Ive played recently had a clunky interface that was often hard to navigate through. The premise of the game is simple as you have to manage and take care of your own farm. The beginning of the game starts off pretty simple as all you have to do is plant a few seeds to grow some crops and then plant some trees as well. Once you have grown the desired vegetables and fruits you want to grow, you can then move on to raise some animals. Raising animals in the game becomes more challenging than just planting crops and trees in your farming area. This is mainly because you need to make sure your animals remain healthy. This can be done in a variety of ways such as cleaning feeding them and also cleaning their living quarters. One thing that Farmerama does not do well is that there is a lack of interaction between different players in this game. Theres no integrated chat system in the game so you cannot ask for help instantly like you can with other games. You also dont really have the chance to visit other peoples farms either which is bit of a shame. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to take care of your farm almost daily in order for the animals and crops to stay nice and healthy. I was busy and did not play the game for several days. This turned out to be a very crucial mistake because of my chickens died and my crops all transformed into unwanted weeds. If you want to level up and be a successful farmer in this game, make sure you are fully invested or else your farm will became a desolate wasteland like mine was. As with other free to play farming games, Farmerama can feel repetitive at times. Managing a farm is obviously not a game for everyones taste and this game doesnt offer anything too new that most gamers may have already seen in Farmville apart from the 3D graphics. The main incentive for people to play this game daily is to level up so you can visit other places the game offers such as “Bahamarama” just to name a few. Despite being only a farming management video game, Farmerama is still a very fun and addictive video game. The nice bright 3D style graphics are what makes this game better looking than the simple visuals that Farmville offers. Not to mention this game can be played on almost any computer. Farmerama might be boring for some gamers but that does not mean its a boring game overall. Just make sure to play the game daily of you want to succeed in it. Just like in a real farm if youre lazy, your crops and animals will all die out!

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 Farmerama Game
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Farmerama is a rewording browser based farming simulation game for all ages. Farmerama is country living at its best. Give yourself a try and trade in your city life becoming a farmer, try enjoying country living and taste a simple farm life. Still your own fields, build up a farm, run your own homestead grow and diversify crops ,raise your own cattle. Keep trespassers off your land. Now, get on your tractor and start cultivating, fertilizing and harvest your crops. Raise livestock and trade with other farmers. Turn your own farm into a successful agricultural business. Life is hectic on the farm, raising your cute animals, tilling the land and so much more. Get your hands dirty on the farm and have a time of your life.

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