Description: Regnum Regnum Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG game in which three powerful realms are in a constant state of war with one another. Each realm has its own races and environments, giving players a great deal of content to explore. Anyone familiar with Mythics Dark Age of Camelot will notice how similar Regnum Online is to the veteran pay to play MMORPG. The games three realms and their races are: Alsuis : The cold, snowy mountainous homeland of the Dwarves, Nordos, and Utgghars. Ignis : A barren wasteland full of volcanos and molten lava, Ignis is the home of the exiled Dark Elves and the Esquelios. Syrtis : The lush, green forested home of the Elves, Alturians, and Half-Elves. All three realms share the same three base classes, each of which has two specializations upon reaching a certain level. They are: Warrior : The melee fighters of Regnum, warriors rely on high physical defense and health. The strength attribute determines their damage output. Warriors can specialize into defenseive Knights or offensive Barbarians. Archer : Archers rely on speed and cunning. They have high evasion and attack from a distance but have lower defense than warriors. They can specialize into Marksmen, who are experts with the bow, or Hunters who control beasts as pets. Mage : The primary casting class. Mages have the highest damage potential, but are also the weakest in direct combat. They can specialize into either offensive Warlocks or a supportive healing/buffing class known as the Conjuerer.
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