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Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars Tribal Wars is a traditional RTS game that sees you build up a tiny village and make it into a huge empire. The in-game tutorial starts off almost immediately when your guide tells you that you need to some resources to let your village flourish. The most monotonous task to ever do in RTS-style games is collecting resources. It can become the single most time-consuming thing to do in all of gaming. Thankfully, Tribal Wars notices how unpopular this feature is and resources can be collected even when you're not playing the game. This allows the game to be a little more fun than many other RTS games on the market today. When you have collected the required amount of resources, you can finally get to construct the buildings needed to recruit soldiers and troops for your growing army. There are other players making their own armies if you click on the world map. This is where you can choose to befriend them, or become their enemies. The interactivity that is input into Tribal Wars is great. It's beneficial for you if you choose to make some friends in this game as they can help you out if needed. Players can not only send resources to other players, but they can also send troops to help support them if they're being attacked. All beginners need not to worry if an experienced player wants to come out and defeat you. This is because Tribal Wars has a feature called the "Beginner Protection". The feature allows beginners to have a set amount of time to familiarize themselves with the game and hopefully build enough troops to defend themselves if needed. A problem that may deter some players is that you can lose your village if another player chooses to conquer it. You may be thinking all that hard work has gone to waste. Although it can be a pain to start over, Tribal Wars allows you to get a new village in another area of the map. It gives you a second chance and there's always the option to ask surrounding players for help so you can rebuild your village much more quickly. One thing that is quite boring about Tribal Wars is that you don't actually get to see any battles. Everything is simulated so you won't get the opportunity to witness your troops fighting in action with all their weapons in hand. Not only that but it takes a long time for your troops to reach their destination. If you choose to send troops to fight another player's village on the other side of the map, it will take them about an hour to get there...If you're the type of gamer that loves to see spontaneous action, Tribal Wars may not be the type of game for you to play. Still, you get a cool looking image on your inbox to see if you've won or not. An interesting aspect in the game is that the game changes from night and day depending on the time you login and play it. If you're playing the game in the afternoon, it's sunny while at night it's pitch black. Day and night cycles are common in games like Grand Theft Auto, I have never seen this feature implemented in a RTS game before. One disadvantage to Tribal Wars is that paid members are likely to always have the advantage over non-paying gamers. They're likely to have access to more beneficial features such as the ability to construct buildings more quickly. This in turn, will allow them to create more soldiers which mean bad news for any other players out there. That's why it's important to make a few allies in Tribal Wars as you're certainly going to need it if you want to succeed. Tribal Wars is a typical RTS game that is unlikely to appeal to gamers who are not fans of the well-known genre. If you're a fan of RTS games in general, there's hours of fun to be had in Tribal Wars. Tribal Wars is a medieval strategy game played right on your web browser. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory. Players start with a single village and must built it into a powerful city by gathering resources and constructing new buildings. But be careful, Tribal Wars has open PvP so be sure to train soldiers to defend your realm and dont be afraid to raid your neighbors.

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