Description: RamaCity RamaCity is a free simulation game, which puts you in the shoes of a powerful mayor with one big task ahead of you: building a city! You should always considerate of your RamaCity citizens, and that you put their needs first. Every citizen is different and it is important you act diplomatically when designing and constructing your city. Strive, develop and expand it into a blooming metropolis with shopping malls, apartments, streets and more. You must strategically plan a great mixture of residential areas, commercial districts and areas for your citizens to enjoy and spend their free time. Your goal in browser game RamaCity is to attract new people to your city, and to continue to expand until you have a buzzing metropolis with happy citizens! Construct cinemas, fast food restaurants, apartments, casinos, libraries, post offices and more to ensure your citizens have all the facilities they need. RamaCity will offer a lot of what we have already seen with city building games on Facebook. You are a mayor of your city and must make your citizens happy as any urban planner would: by designing a city filled with commerce, restaurants, and housing, entertainment and job opportunities. What I find most interesting about RamaCity is its visual styling. The game characters look like they come straight out of a Lego box and the buildings are a mish mash of various styles and designs. Players can place an ice cream covered shop next to a Dali like looking skyscraper to create cities that look like cartoon art.
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