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Eudemons Eudemons Online is an interesting two dimensional Fantasy MMORPG game with a very fast rate of leveling and gameplay. The games most interesting component is the games pet system. Players can hatch, raise and train their own Eudemons to aid them in battle. Players can have up to two Eudemons at once with them and with over 30 unique Eudemons in the game, the possibilities are vast. The games three playable classes are: Warrior Warriors have the strongest melee damage in the game along with superior defensive capabilities, but they lack ranged skills. Magician Magicians are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage using their area of effect skills. They have perhaps the highest damage in the game, but have relatively low hit points and defensive capabilities compared to the two other classes. Paladin Paladins are a hybrid of the warrior and magician class. They have both a powerful melee attack and strong magic capabilities.

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