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Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online Getting Another Taste of Classic RPG with Ragnarok Online A Korean MMORPG with classic Japanese RPG feel and interesting storyline about Norse mythology thats pretty much what you will experiencing with Ragnarok Online. This outing is far from a new one for MMO players, but since the current availability for Free to Play servers once again turned gamers attention in trying out this interesting title published by Gravity. Being set in a fantasy world, Ragnarok Online will take players to enter the land of Midgar, a peaceful world suddenly turned chaotic due to humans act of selfishness, greed and arrogance. Mysterious creatures started to appear and causing problems in the land, this is the moment when a new hero rises and seek answers for every weird phenomenas that have been occurring. Although Ragnarok isnt actually a new thing for many MMORPG gamers out there, but continuous updates from the free 2 play servers, will keep your adventure fresh. Starting the game, players will be asked to choose their desired character from varied options and also setup the stats for that hero. Beginning the adventure, gamers are being setup up as a classless novice, which sort of a tutorial phase for new players to get their feel about the game. It wont take long before gamers can start choosing the six starting class/jobs, or picking extended class and another one called super novice class. Before reaching that stage, players must reached certain level, which can be varied depending on what jobs theyre planning to take. The game job system can be considered as one of the main attraction from Ragnarok as gamers can upgrade their characters several times upon reaching certain level. Something that makes grinding in this outing worthy enough since your characters will pick up extra skills especially if you already reached the rebirth stage. Ragnaroks gameplay is not any different compared to other pseudo turn based MMORPG game, as gamers will use a click of their mouse to move characters and initiate attacks. Theres also an addition of several keyboard buttons, which is being used for the usage of the characters skills. The amount of skills that one can have is pretty large, so engaging in battles will always be fun for gamers. As many already know, with a turn base system, players must wait for their turn before attacking enemies during any battles. Graphical display for Ragnarok is something that many classic RPG lovers would enjoy as the combination of 2D characters and 3D background world provide a pleasing eyesight. However, the rather old fashion style can always hinder some players who are much more comfortable with the latest graphics. Still, with the cool music soundtrack that the game have, those playing Ragnarok can still be entertained with that nice graphic+sound package collaboration. Online interaction in Ragnarok Online is also pretty neat, especially the pvp system which introduce War of Emporium feature where once a week all qualified guild from the servers can challenge each others into a massive war which lasted for two hours. Taking place in a series of castles, the purpose of War of Emporium is to catch the “Emperium” staged in that castle. Winner from this feature will be given the benefit in exploring special dungeon in search for unique items. Overall, despite not being considered as a new game, Ragnarok Online with its new F2P servers not only able to maintain previous fans but can also attract new ones, because of the strong RPG vibe along with continuous updates. The classic J-RPG experience being offered with plenty exciting features, especially the PvP ones, really make this outing more than worthy to play for any gamers, especially RPG lovers. However, just like many RPGs, Ragnarok is also a grinding oriented title which required long playing hours, something that not any game lovers can probably provide.

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Ragnarok Online

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ragnarok Online, the classic fantasy MMORPG, has challenged more then 50 million players worldwide. Ranging from epic Guild vs. Guild battles to hundreds of maps with ferocious monsters to reaching the pinnacle of achievement in over 70 different character classes the possibilities are endless. Heroes of Midgard start as a Novice and may progress to be a Sly Ninja, or a Holy Arch Bishop. How about becoming a stealthy and fast attacking Guillotine Cross or a Bomb and Plant specialist Geneticist? There are dozens more classes and specialties you can become while joining with friends to take on more difficult challenges!Ragnarok Online has traditionally been a Monthly Subscription based game for access to game accounts, but now it will be free from Monthly Subscription with an option for a VIP Package that offers improved experience rates, monster drops, larger storage capacity and access to special NPCs and areas

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