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Last Chaos

Last Chaos Last Chaos is a free to play 3D MMORPG video game that you can play on your PC. The game is playable via Aeria Games and you will need to make an Aeria Games account before you can play it. You also need to download the gameís data first too. Last Chaos only takes 3GB off of your hard drive so you donít have to wait too long to download and install it. It also doesnít need for you to have a powerful computer because the recommended requirement is for you to have 1GB RAM on your computer. Once you have installed Last Chaos onto your computer, you are then prompted to create your own character. The unfortunate thing about this game is that classes are gender locked. If you choose one class, you cannot change to be a male of female version of that particular class. This is only a small gripe considering these options are available in any other MMORPG video game. There are numerous different class types that include the following: Titan, Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue and Sorcerer. Each class type has different strengths and weaknesses plus they will all wield various kinds of weapons too. I chose to play as a Titan who was a huge brute of a male character that had a huge sword. The only downside to choosing such a large character was that he was pretty slow at walking. Once you have finalized the class type and appearance for your character, you are then prompted to go through the gameís very brief tutorial. The game plays a lot like other MMORPG video games do, although you can choose to control your character using the keyboard and mouse. Using the keyboard is a bit awkward at first because you can only travel backwards and forwards. The other keys only control the camera so itís better just to point and click using the mouse. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out of the action if you want a better viewpoint of the screen. When you have completed the task of ďlearning the controlsĒ, the game immediately thrusts you into your first taste of the combat system. There isnít anything too special to talk about this gameís combat system because it uses the same mechanics many other MMORPG video games do. All you have to do is click on the mouse and highlight an enemy. Once you have done that, your character will automatically start attacking enemies until they are dead. The one thing that is annoying about the gameís combat is the fact that it is pretty useless when you are being attacked by more than one enemy. The combat system only works if you are fighting an enemy one-on-one. If you see yourself being surrounded and attacked by a bunch of enemies, you are pretty much screwed. This happened to me when I wanted to take down the huge boss which was a dragon. When I started hacking at the dragon, a lot of his skeleton minions started attacking me too. It became a chaotic scene, but I managed to prevail in the end. Still, this would have been easier if the combat system was smoother. Another thing I didnít like about the game is that you have to click on the map to see where you are going all of the time. It would have been better if the game made use of a waypoint system as this would have been more user-friendly. Having to constantly open the map to see where to speak to a certain character is can be an annoying and tedious task to do all of the time. At least with an onscreen waypoint, you donít have to always worry about what direction youíre walking towards. Last Chaos is still an enjoyable game to play, but it suffers from being unique and fails to make quests exciting. Most of the quests Iíve done are the usual kill a certain amount of enemy type missions. The quests lack variety that more modern MMORPG video games have. Youíll do a lot of the same style of missions over and over again just in order for you to level up. Graphically, Last Chaos is quite impressive to look at, even though itís a game that was initially released back in 2006. The character models and environments are animated nicely, although I did notice the game often lagged a few times. I have a decent enough computer to run the game, but the game still lagged whenever my character walked. Audio wise, the sound effects are great and the music fits well to the gameís atmosphere. Itís a lot better playing a game with sound than the many silent free to play video games that are out there. Thereís not much else to say about Last Chaos because it is a generic MMORPG experience that offers nothing new to the oversaturated genre. The missions get repetitive and the combat system is something weíve all seen before. Still, the game is operational and is fun to play if you havenít played as many MMORPG video games as I have. The best part about Last Chaos is that itís free and fast to download. The game doesnít require you to have the latest PC specs to run it so Iím guessing most people should be able to play it. However if youíre looking for a new and unique gaming experience, I suggest you play something else as you wonít find anything fresh with Last Chaos.

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