Description: DownWorld is a battle quest game that is presented in a rich virtual world.This game provides players with exciting challenges to defeat enemies in order to earn rewards. downWorld players develop their skills and resources within a variety of environments and through a complex storyline. Also, downWorld players enjoy social interactions which builds community in their journeys. Enjoy one more action MMORPG game online.

DownWorld Game Review

Downworld is a free to play puzzle RPG game. It plays similar to the famous Puzzle Quest games so if you are familiar with those games,you will feel right at home playing Downworld. Much like most other RPG games on the market, you have the freedom to choose the appearance of your main character before you venture off on your big adventure. The one thing that is different about Downworld over Puzzle Quest is that this is strictly a 2D game played on a 2D plane. It plays like a 2D platforming game as the only direction you can walk is to the right of the screen. There are no towns to explore or stores to shop in like in the Puzzle Quests games. Fans of the Puzzle Quest series may be disappointed about this, however its style of gameplay will be easy enough for beginners to master. As this is also a puzzle game, combat is played in the form of a traditional brick breaking game against your opponent. The objective in each battle is to decrease your opponents health bar by breaking the right colored blocks. In order to do this, you must match the right colors so three of the same colored blocks are matched alongside one another vertically or horizontally. Different colors will deal more damage to your opponent, so it pays to be patient in this game and choose your moves wisely. When you attack your opponent, you earn something called flow. When you earn enough flow, only then you are able to unleash some of your devastating attacks. Some of these techniques vary depending on the types of upgrades you choose for your character. They might include techniques that increase your attack power, or a shield to protect you from your opponents attacks. It pays to upgrade your character wisely and evenly as some enemies might exploit your weaknesses if you dont improve your characters stats properly. A great feature in the game is that youre able to leave the game world to enter the arena. It is here where you can meet and challenge other players around the world who are playing Downworld. You are free to chat with them to ask for advice, or you can battle to see who the better player is. I encountered many gamers in Downworld so you dont have to worry about not being able to meet anyone in the game. Graphically, the 2D style animations are great to look at. It feels much like youre inside a living and breathing cartoon. Anyone who will see you play Downworld might think that youre actually watching a Saturday morning cartoon thats how impressive the visuals are in Downworld! There are several levels that you can explore in Downworld and each of them is illustrated beautifully. The game world is very large as there are five different worlds that you can traverse with each of them harboring many levels. Players can expect to have hours of fun playing Downworld as the game is very epic in scope.
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