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Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest Cut through the darkness with electrifying action in an enchanted world!

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Dragon Nest

 Dragon Nest Game

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Dragon Nest Review

Dragon Nest is a bright colored fantasy based free to play MMORPG game. Bear in mind, the game is not browser based as you will have to download 2GB of the game data first before you can start playing. You also have to make sure your computer is powerful enough to run the game smoothly. I have a 2GB ram computer but even then, the game still takes a while to load and boot up.

Once the game is finally installed and youíve downloaded all the required patches for it, you can start choosing the type of character you want to be. There are five class types that are available to choose from at the beginning that cater for different styles of combat. This includes the Warrior, Sorceress, Archer, Cleric and Tinkerer. After you have customized the appearance of your character, you are ready to enter the mythical world of Lemuria.

My first impressions of Dragon Nest was how bright and lovely the graphics are. Unlike some other older MMORPG games out there, the graphics are of a high quality throughout and there is no evidence of distance fog. This is because Dragon Nest is split up into different areas and not just a huge seamless world. I liked the way Dragon Nestís world is laid out because you rarely get lost when the world is divided up into different segments. Not to mention this allows the game developer to not sacrifice the visual quality of the game. The only downside of this is of course, this means there will be more loading times.

I liked the way Dragon Nest introduces you into the game as it starts off with a cutscene where two young girls are being chased by a group of nasty green goblins. This is where you (the hero) come in to try and save them both. Most free to play video games donít start off with an introduction scene let alone some type of story, but I thought this was a nice touch for Dragon Nest.

The controls and combat system in Dragon Nest are unique and unlike the usual control scheme that is usually used for most other free to play MMORPG games out there. It is not automated nor is it the usual point and click affair we often see in other games from the same genre either. The game plays more like a hack-n-slash game where you can dodge enemy attacks, exploit their weaknesses and even unleash deadly attacks of your own. I loved the combat system in Dragon Nest as it gave me more control on my character and it was different to the same old boring system weíve seen from lots of other MMORPG games. The only annoying thing about the controls is that you have to keep pressing the ďFĒ button to pick up any items your enemies drop during battle. It would have been easier to just pick up items by walking over them like in other games.

Another thing I loved about Dragon Nest is the layout of the game world. I feel some MMORPG game worlds are too large and have a hard to read map that usually makes it hard to navigate. Dragon Nest is the first MMORPG game Iíve ever played that has a waypoint pointing you to the direction you need to go. This was very helpful in situations where you had to talk to someone specific in the town. It was also helpful too when finding people that in the many dungeons that you have to explore.

Speaking of the dungeons, these are the places where most of the action takes place. One unique feature of Dragon Nest is that you can actually set the difficulty setting each time you enter a dungeon. If youíre a beginner at MMORPG games, you can simply set it to the ďEasyĒ setting so you can enjoy the game without any struggles. There are also harder difficulty settings for those that want more of a challenge as well.

Each dungeon you enter ends in an enjoyable epic boss fight. The gameís setup reminds me more of a single player action adventure game more than a MMORPG game. Not that Iím complaining since I feel the dungeons and boss fights make the game more interesting than most MMORPG games Iíve played over the last several months. The boss fights arenít too easy either as you have to find out their weaknesses. Overall, I thought this was a nice touch to the game as it made it feel more action-packed.

All in all, Dragon Nest is a high quality free to play video game that will be fun for all RPG gaming fans. The impressive graphics and additive gameplay are what separates this game from the rest of the pack. The only flaws I came across are the long loading times. Other than that, Dragon Nest is one game that can be enjoyed for hours on end.

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