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Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online Drakensang Online is a 3D browser based video games that you can play online. It is free to play so most gamers donít have to worry about paying a single cent in order for you to enjoy it. It is a fantasy based MMORPG video game so expect to fight goblins and wield magic. This is pretty typical for most games of the MMORPG genre.

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Drakensang Online

 Drakensang Online Game


Dakensang Online Game Review

Players have two options to play Drakensang Online. You can either play the game directly using a browser, or you can download the game data first and play the game on a separate window. I opted to download the game data first because it loaded much faster that way. Iím not sure how many megabytes are required to download the game, but itís not much. Once you have downloaded the game, you are then prompted to the character creation screen.

First of all, there are three classes for you to choose from. The three classes are the Dragonknight, Spellweaver, and Ranger. The Dragonknight wields a mace and shield, the Spellweaver can cast magic while the Ranger is armed with a bow and arrow. You can only play as human characters in this game, but you can choose to be a male and female character. You can somewhat change their appearance by giving them a different hairstyle and body type. After you have done that, you are ready to play the game.

Drakensang Online starts off immediately as there is no cut scene or long tutorial to go through. The first thing that you have to do is repair a wheel on a wagon. Itís an almost simple task for you to do because all you need to do is click on the wagon and the wheel is fixed. This is probably one of the easiest quests you will ever do in an MMORPG video game ever. After you do that simple as quest, you walk across the gameís level talking to other characters while beating up a bunch of goblins along the way.

Fighting goblins is a simple affair because most of the characterís actions are controlled by a simple click of the mouse button. You will move the character around by clicking on the game screen and pressing the left mouse button. You can even maneuver the camera around and zoom in or out of the action if you want to.

Combat is fast paced and fun and since everything happens in real time. This isnít the slow style of combat seen in other RPG video games where everything is turn-based. All you need to do for combat is highlight an enemy using the mouse and your character will start hacking away. Itís a simplistic battle system that will be easy for anybody to just pick up and play. Not to mention itís very fun to engage in battle and will be a system that will be familiar to people that like playing games like Diablo.

Another great thing about the Drakensang Online is that you level up pretty quickly. The experience points that you get from killing enemies can be earned pretty quickly. This will allow you to make your character to grow and become stronger. Obviously leveling up is an important feature of Drakensang Online because the further you progress, the enemies get larger and tougher.

In terms of game play, the quests can get repetitive after a while. You pretty much just go from point A to point B. After you get to your destination, you are then required to kill a certain number of enemies. Most of the quests in Drakensang Online are laid out like this which kind of makes the game get repetitive pretty quickly. Thankfully the combat is fun, but you might get bored of doing the same kind of mission over and over again if you are playing the game for several minutes/hours.

Graphically, Drakensang Online is a 3D video game, but the visuals are very outdated and simplistic as can be. It would have been better if the game was in 2D instead because the 3D visuals look like a game that would have come out back in 2006 or something. Itís also worth mentioning that the maps are quite small and broken up into small segments. This isnít a bad thing, but it makes the level design linear and boring to explore. The colors of the game are also washed out and faded too. I guess the developer made the graphics look simple to cut down on long loading times. After all, this is a free to play browser based video game so I shouldnít be too harsh on it. The good thing about the game however is that several characters can appear on the screen at once and the game doesnít slow down or lag too.

Final Verdict for Drakensang Online

Overall, Drakensang Online is a fun MMORPG video game that has a fun fast paced combat style and easy accessibility. The game may look simple compared to other games from the same genre, but the fact that it is browser based means more people have a chance to play the game easily. Not to mention the game loads pretty fast and I did not experience any lag while playing the game. If youíre looking for a fun MMORPG game to play, Drakensang Online might be the fix that you need.

Drakensang Gameplay Video

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