Description: EdgeWorld Enter into the EdgeWorld , modern sci-fi Facebook city building game that is published by Kabam behind Samurai Dynasty, Global Warfare. Defend your base against attacks from other NPC factions and players with defensive turrets that vary in range and weaponry. Placement matters in massively multiplayer persistent worlds inhabited by millions around the globe. Research tech to unlock new combat units comprised of various human and alien races, infantry and mechs, and short and long attack ranges. For decades, the Ceruleans waged relentless war against the allies in the Galactic Union. When the Cerulean home world was finally discovered, a coalition of Union forces prepared to unleash hell. Scouts were deployed, but they discovered no sign of the Ceruleans. The alien cities had been abandoned. After several years, the Union established bases to extract resources and research advanced alien technology There are many soldiers to choose from and train in the galaxy of EdgeWorld where you could drag your X-soldiers into battles. The game also offers a lottery system, known as Zoots Loot, allows players to win prizes like Energy, Accelerator, Crystals and Gas by using Gold. The gameplays reminds me of its Dragons of Atlantis and Playdoms City of Wonder. If your army is powerful enough will be capable of annihilating other bases around the planet.
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