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Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal Eden Eternal is a MMORPG game that is free to play and developed by Chinese game developer, X-Legend. Being that this game is developed by an Asian game developer, the visuals are heavily inspired by Japanese style cartoon animes. In terms of the appearance of the game, its in 2D and resembles that of the Xbox 360 s Tales of Vesperia which was released back in 2008. I really admire the 2D cartoon appearance of Eden Eternal a lot. Most other MMORPG games are in 3D so its a nice surprise to that this game breaks from the normal 3D presentation that has been implemented in the genre. As always, you start off by creating the main character that you will be controlling in the game. Players who want to create a big masculine warrior will be disappointed as theres no option for you to do that in Eden Eternal. The only types of characters you can create are traditional Japanese style characters who are usually young kids with big eyes. Once you have created your character, you can start entering the world of Eden Eternal. The great thing about the game is its presentation. Unlike with Allods Online, theres actually a nice introductory cutscene for you to view so you can familiarize yourself with the games story. You play a character that is trapped inside a blue crystal with no memory before you were found. As you progress further into the game, you will have to find clues on what happened to you and in the surrounding areas that populates the world in Eden Eternal. You also have to find out why you have mysterious magic powers as well. Like most other MMORPG games, the bulk of gameplay mainly sees you completing quests for NPCs that can be found around the many towns that populate the world in Eden Eternal. Most of the quests involve you defeating monsters of some sort. Not that this is a bad thing as combat is surprisingly additive here in Eden Eternal. Unlike with Allods Onlline, you can choose to auto attack in Eden Eternal. This means once you have highlighted a specific enemy you want to defeat, your character will automatically attack them. Theres no tedious requirement for you to keep bashing the mouse button all the time like in Allods Online. What is also great about the game is that you can perform both physical and magical attacks. Again this is a great feature as in most MMORPG games, you can only use one or the other. Although as aforementioned this game is in 2D, this doesnt mean you will dont need a pretty good computer in order for the game to run smoothly. Its recommended requirements is that you have 1GB RAM or more available on your computer. If you dont meet this requirement and would really like to play this game, its about time to upgrade your computer as a result of this. Eden Eternal is a high quality MMORPG that is completely free toplay and download. The graphics are very impressive and the gameplay is simple enough for anybody to follow. All in all, this game is a lot of fun to play, just make sure your computer is powerful enough to play it before you decide to download it.

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Eden Eternal

 Eden Eternal Game
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Eden Eternal Set to Animate Online Gamers

An interesting MMORPG developed by Chinese game developer, X-Legend, titled Eden Eternal has been unveiled recently. This Anime influenced outing,which was published by Aria Games, offers that classic RPG vibe with its character design and surroundings which might brought back certain memories for old gamers. Although Eden Eternal still offers similar stuffs that you can find in any other MMORPG titles, but the developer did provide several interesting things which sets Eden apart from the others. From the 2D type characters, Anime style features, the ability to use both magic or physical attacks to option for auto attack usage, all are rare stuffs that simply gives a plus point for this X-Legend developed outing. As for the storyline, Eden Eternal sets you up as a hero who is trapped inside a blue crystal without having any memories about himself. After breaking away from the trap, your journey in unveiling all of the mysteries surrounding you and the Eden's world starts. Obviously the player will be allowed to chose what type of class for their main hero before even starting the game, with a wide range of options available, fun things can be expected in playing this game. Another interesting element being installed in the game is the availability of summoning monsters as a punching bag, which is definitely useful for those grinding type of gamers. Making the fun surrounding much alive, Eden also provide your character with adorable pets that you can easily summon by either clicking the icon in your inventory or equipping them into your character. All in all, Eden Eternal is indeed an interesting game that could blow gamers away with its Anime style characters, wonderful graphics, simple gameplay and classical RPG vibe. It's a free online game so getting it won't be much of a problem for any gamers, but to get maximum graphic qualities when playing it, it's advisable that your computer have at least 1GB RAM available.

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