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Outsmart Another funny, anime style dating sim game with action and RPG elements. Your parents expect from you to start working on your own now and you also need to start paying for everything yourself. Enjoy this dating SIM simulation game and earn 50.000 dollar and more, impress your folks and leave parents house. You have to reach this goal! But make sure you also give your boyfriend some love, find a perfect balance for your love life and professional tasks/ Instructions :click with your mouse. You start by playing as Annette the pretty yet very smart girl in the story. You and your boyfriend are now engaged and so you must now stand on your feet. Your parents challenge you to raise 50,000.00 dollars within a 2 month period, so that you will be able to buy your own house and hopefully prepare for your romantic wedding ceremony. In order to be productive you have to think and organize your daily task. Manage your resources, specially your boyfriend because he only works when you are around so visit him and order him to work as much as you can. The game has a very good resource management system that makes the game very challenging. There are four kinds of resources namely; charisma, intelligence, love and money. The game mechanics revolve within these four resources every action that you will take will need a corresponding resource, so be wise in taking your actions to prevent wasting your resources. Keep track of your calendar so that you can prepare for upcoming events, some events requires a certain amount of stats or resources so in order to participate, you really have to improve your stats. Joining the events can be very beneficial for you and your partner because it rewards you a hefty amount of money. Different events are available for your, when participating an event, you have to win a certain mini event to win the cash price. There are 3 kinds of mini games which challenges you in different ways; logic, memory and reaction time. Although the game is well made because of its resource system, we still cannot say that is perfect. The downside of the game is that it doesn’t have that much of animation, scenes and effects like the usual sim games on the internet. Over-all the entire look is still good but really lacks in both visual and interactive aspect. The sound effects and music background is light and exciting but they could have at least made a couple of other music for the game. The game also has an achievement section where in you will be challenge to achieve certain feat so that you can earn the title. Everything you do should be well balance and organize. Treat your partner very well so that he can be more productive than he was. Enhance both your charisma and intelligence so that you can find better opportunities in gaining resources. Be thrift and spend your money wisely so that you will not waste your resources and be able to reach your goals. With great management you will surely be able to get the 50,000.00 dollars and buy your very own home. The game has different endings depending on how well you performed in the game. You can experiment and try again to see the fun scenes on every ending possible.

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