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The Last Stand Union City

The Last Stand Union City Start with your dark themed horror rpg game, scavenge, shoot gun and survive your bloody way through The last stand Union City in this actively violent zombie killing rpg game. Play in Survivor mode where the need food and sleep will be added to your survival requirements. Or play in Run and Gun mode and blast your way to freedom. Tips: Ceiling zombies are a surprise factor for the game, sometimes they can mob you to death. Happen to me a few times. Advice to you is to use blades for melee weapons. This game keeps the adrenaline pumping zombies popping up from nowhere. Controls A,D: Left or Right W to Jump S to Crouch Shiftto Sprint R to Reload F to Flashlight E toActivate G toGive Weapon or Save Companion Tab, B, I to Open inventory C to Open Character Sheet

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The Last Stand Union City

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