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Anime Sime Date 2

Anime Sime Date 2 My dating sim for girls. And this is hentai free by the way. No naked peeps or such in this game.Kind of strange dating simulation games. The 3 boys are back: Haru, Daichi, and Kai. Sakka is the new secret character. Have conversations with them, date them, and love them. You have 30 days to mess around. Work for money, buy gifts and other items, and raise your stats to help you get the best endings. The best endings will reward you with additonal storyline for each character and secret cheat codes. Enter in cheats using the phone at the Cigam train station. Read the pink manual in you inventory, it has helpful tips.The final ending may be confusing to many of you. The hidden Easter Egg will explain it to you if you dont get it. But of course, youre going to have to find it for yourself. And the player does not get a happy ending, got it? Hint for the Easter Egg is in the info menu. Click on the yellow creature thingy.

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Anime Sime Date 2

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