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Xolga and Mr Toko Episode 2

Xolga and Mr Toko Episode 2 Go right and down arrow. See a bucket near the fence? Take it. Go up. Use the bucket to the fountain. Go left. See a dry and wilted flower? Use the bucket with water to the flower. Receive a key. Go up. See a red door? Use the key received. Inside the house. look at the fallen picture and look carefully. Theres a card. Take it. Go outside the room. Use the card at the wooden door at your right. Receive a shovel. Go back to the garden where you take the bucket. Loo at the bottom right. See a patch of dirt? Use the shovel. Receive a coin. Go to the fountain. Use the coin at it. Receive a spade piece. Go to the red door again. Now use the spade piece to the blue box on the table. Receive a map. Go outside of the room. Use the map to the up arrow.

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Xolga and Mr Toko Episode 2

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