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Fantasia The Realm of Thanos

Fantasia The Realm of Thanos Fantasia: The Realm of Thanos Review Fantasia The Realm of Thanos is predominantly a visual novel but there are some dating sim elements added to the story to make things a little more interesting and a lot less linear. As with other visual novels, Fantasia has multiple endings depending on the choices that you make throughout the story. In my opinion, visual novels are better than actual novels as the story can change in an instant and its not predetermined by the author which makes things more exciting for the reader. Being as this is a visual novel, users need not to worry about the game taking a chunk off your hard drive to download. Its only 60MB large so this shouldnt really hinder anybodys computer hard drive. Although as aforementioned, this is a visual novel so all you mainly see are the characters, the picture background and the text at the bottom. I wasnt sure what the story was about at first nor did I know who the main character was. I chose to play the game using my own name. Little did I know was that the main character turned out to be little a high school girl. If youre planning to play Fantasia, dont make the same mistake as I did and choose a girls name. Its rather awkward playing the game with a mans name. I found out later her that default name is Cheryl so we will stick with that name from now on. Cheryl may seem like an ordinary young girl judging by her appearance but she has been depressed for the past three years. This is because she lost both her parents in a horrific plane crash. Whenever she sees her friends with their families, she envies how happy they are together. A mysterious figure dubbed The White Lady suddenly appears and understands the type of pain Cheryl is currently experiencing. She comes from an outside world called Fantasia and Fantasia is in need of saving from an evil force called Thanos. She feels Cheryl has the key to saving Fantasia as the keys to saving Fantasia are inside people who have feel a similar pain to Cheryl. In order to set the keys free, she must fall in love with one of the four men in Fantasia suffering from pain. This is easier said than done as the four men in the game arent the usual guys seen in other dating sim games. They all have shady backgrounds and are guilty of a lot of sins. Its up to you to try and understand the sort of pain they are going through and help them out as best you can. In total, there are 15 different endings in the game so its best to play the game more than once if you want to see them all. You choices will affect the outcome of the characters and if you have to make the right decisions if you want to see the best endings the game has to offer. If youre too lazy to find out the best outcomes yourself, there are helpful walkthroughs available online if you dont feel like playing the game 15 times. Thankfully, the game has a save mode so you may not have to start the game from the absolute beginning if you seek a different outcome. You can just load your last game and start over that way. Although the game offers no voice overs, Fantasia, The Realm of Thanos has an excellent soundtrack. The music changes often depending on the mood of the story. The epic battle theme is one to listen out for when a battle ensues between two of the characters you meet start fighting. I am not going to spoil it for you but lets just say these two characters really hate each other which results in an awesome scene in the entire game. Graphically, I feel the character models need a little work to make them look a little more professional. Some of the characters eyes look the same and they all have similar hairstyles. Cheryl is the best looking character in the entire game. Maybe the illustrator is better at drawing girls than guys perhaps? If you want to experience an unpredictable yet riveting story, look no further than Fantasia, The Realm of Thanos. The game offers a lot of replay value and offers a unique experience that traditional text based novels cannot offer. That is including multiple endings and having the reader choose the decisions for the main character.

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Fantasia The Realm of Thanos

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Article Title: Fantasia: The Realm of Thanos Review Content: Realm of Thanos is one of the few dating sims with a really good story line, to make it interesting you the game’s main protagonist is a girl from the human world, yes a dating sim game for girls. Download the game and start unfold the story behind Realm of Thanos. Play as the heroine of this very unique role playing game and discover the great story behind it. Romance, mystery, adventure and a bit of naughtiness will make you stay in your seat for some long hours. Discover how the story will unfold as you decide to help out the mysterious white lady who brought you to the land of Fantasia! As soon as the game begins you will be intrigue about how the story will go on. The story is very light and very interesting especially for our young girl gamers. You start as an orphan girl living in a common community and suddenly this mysterious white lady, who you usually see in your dreams, appears right in front of you and asks for your help. The next day you magically woke up in fantasia and the start of your epic quest to find the key that will lock up all the darkness away! The game is very light and easy, just follow the story line and decide your conversations from the given choices. Expect a lot of male characters that will help you out on your quest, and maybe, just maybe… love will come to you. Don’t get too excited because just like in real life, it would take quite a long way to establish connection and have a good relationship with the characters. I should now shut up and have you unfold your epic story ahead! For a sim game, the graphics is really good! The characters are well drawn like an anime; they are very cute and fun to look at. The interface is very easy to manipulate and is very user friendly. Different areas are accessible depending on the story progression; the area is well detailed and exactly fits the mood of the game. The music background is very light and nice! It enhances the mood of the story and even makes you feel that you are simply in a different world. The game is quite flexible and interesting because it offers a lot of different interactions between you and the game characters, it also lets you have the freedom to choose how you will converse and interact with each other. Different places and areas are also waiting to be discovered and explored by our heroine. The game characters also possess different characteristic which makes a dating sim game very interesting and fun to play with. Expect to find some of the characters very fun to interact with, they will either leave you laughing or make you feel bad because of how you talk and interact with them. I know that you would surely want to play again because we always have our second choices, try it out again and see what happens. You would love to play the game all over again and discover more possibilities as you choose different choices ahead. Different scenarios would be triggered and expect new events to happen differently from the last time you played. The story line and the characters are very interesting and will surely keep you playing for long hours. You will be curious and thrilled as how the story will unfold. Indeed, Fantasia: Realm of Thanos is one of those time-worthy dating sims game, have fun discovering and exploring this mysterious world ahead!

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