Empire Rising
Description: Empire Rising Empire Rising is a free-to-play RTS game that you can play online. Much like many other RTS games online, it is browser-based so people with an internet connection and a computer should have no problems playing the game. This is to be commended considering not everyone in the world has the money to upgrade their computers all the time. When you start the game, you have four nations for you to choose from to lead them into victory. There are two real nations you can be in England and in France. The other two nations are older nations with Prussia and Ottoman. They may sound like funny names but they were actual names of nations back in the Middle Ages. Forgetting the fact that two of the nations in the game have real odd names, each nation has both their own strengths and weaknesses on the type of army that they recruit. It doesnt really matter which nation you really choose in the end because they are play the same anyway. After that you can choose the picture of your on-screen avatar and you are now ready to play Empire Rising. As it is like with most free-to-play games, dont expect the game to be flashy and full of great graphics and blockbuster audio. With the exception from the likes of Wizards 101 and Elsword, expect to see simplistic tiny visuals and absolutely no audio when playing Empire Rising. Not that this is a bad thing as the main fun in Empire Rising lies within its gameplay. Gamers who are not really fans of the RTS genre may not like the slow pace of gaming offered in Empire Rising. Unlike with the quest-based gameplay style of Castlot, Empire Rising offers a more traditional gaming experience that RTS veterans will all be familiar with. Much like many RTS games, the gamplay starts off really slow as you have to build your city first before you can get into any sort of action. The slow pace can be a bit of a chore to get through if youre not a fan of the RTS genre. You have to collect resources, construct buildings and recruit workers just as if you were a real-life mayor of a city. The tutorial is really helpful in order to get your city thriving. I commend the way the game explains to you everything you need to know before your mentor parts ways with you. Ive played many other free-to-play RTS games and some of the tutorials are too brief that it feels like you havent learnt anything! Once you have collected enough resources and constructed you city, you are then ready to recruit an army. It takes a long time to get your army powerful enough if you want to invade other players so I suggest playing the game for a couple of hours first for a few days before you think about taking any sort of action. One of the more disappointing things about Empire Rising is that you cannot actually see your troops head off into battle with other surrounding cities. All you do is click a button to invade or scout an enemy city and a stats screen appears to see your progress of that order you just made. It would have been cooler if you were able to see your army fight in action as it would have been more entertaining. One of the more unique features seen in Empire Rising is that the Ageof the era you are in can change. Once you have upgraded all the buildings in your city to maximum, you can then enter the next Age. There are four Ages in all in Empire Rising. Its in a persons best interest in Empire Rising to reach the fourth and final Empire Age. In this Age you have stronger defense and you have access to the best weapons and equipment for you army. Reaching this level should be your ultimate goal as you can then beat other players with easily in this most advance level. Bear in mind, you will have to play Empire Rising for several hours in order to reach this level of superiority. Empire Rising may not be breaking any new grounds in the RTS genre, but its free-to-play for all to enjoy. Once you get past the earlier stages of the game and your army is able to get stronger, the game opens up and becomes more entertaining to play.
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