Rise of Dragonian Era
Description: Rise of Dragonian Era Netgame releases their newest game called Rise of Dragonian Era, also known as R.O.D.E. R.O.D.E. is a fantasy game of mystical characters and creatures where dragons hold the symbol of great power. It takes place in a world separated by two lord dragons, Firean representing the West and Azurian representing the East. Both nations have four distinct classes; Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, and Mage. Warriors are skillful in using melee weapons like one or two handed swords. Rogues are built for the strength of range attacks using bows. Clerics in the other hand, cast spell using their books. They use elements of earth and air to both attack and shield themselves during chaos. Lastly, the classes of Mage are worshipers of the dark side. They are skilled in summoning spells using their crystal ball. They use dark magic to create continuous damage which effectively leaves enemies with endless pain. R.O.D.E. also features significant mounts throughout the game. These mounts are both crawling and winged creatures made with 3 different types, Ground, Aerial, and Dragon type. With specific mounts and/or levels, players may enjoy various systems within the game. One specially designed system is called the Dragon Riding System where players can take part in aerial combat as they ride their dragons in the skyFlying a dragon is controlled by players and dragon has the highest travel speed in game which makes them the most popular. Other systems include, Castle Siege, Devilo System, Complex Class System, Quests, Auction House, Region War ,PvP battling between the two nations and many more exciting plays. The world of R.O.D.E. delivers pain, agony, and destruction. But adversity brings perseverance and unity to those who stand on a common ground and suffer the same fate. This marks the beginning of a new era.
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