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Overkings Review Overkings is a free to play 3D browser based MMORPG. It is fantasy based where you can take control of a character from eight different classes. Registration of the game is very easy as all you have to do is just type in an email address and a password. After that, you can pretty much just jump straight into Overkings’ gameplay. The loading time is very fast too so people with weak computers and laptops should be able to play this game easily. Much like with most other MMORPG video games, the first thing you will do is create your own character. As aforementioned, there are eight different class types for you to choose from that offer you different styles of combat. The eight classes include a Dryad, a Barbarian, a Witch, a Sorceress, a Mage, an Amazon, a Guardian and lastly an Assassin. After you have chosen a class type, you are given a name to choose from. You can click on the die so it can randomly generate a name for you. The only slightly disappointing feature of the game’s character creation mode is that you cannot change the appearance for your character. I guess the developer left it out since the character models are small and lack detail anyway... Once you have chosen your character, you are immediately thrust into combat. The combat plays like a 2D side scrolling video game where you need to travel to the right side of the screen to reach your destination. The game’s controls are as basic as they come as all you have to do is click on the screen and your character will move to that destination. It pretty much has similar controls to that of any other MMORPG game, except the fact that you are only travelling in one direction. Some of the locations that you visit vary depend on the class type you choose. Since I chose to play as an Amazonian woman, the first level she saw was a field that was littered with a pack of evil looking wolves. There are multiple skills that you can use on the bottom of the screen to eliminate all of the enemies on the screen. At the start of the game, you only have three skills that you can use. The Amazon lady has a bow and arrow that is effective to use from long range. She can use it to kill enemies from a safe distance. Later on in the game, she also has a camouflage skill that allows her to temporarily hide from her enemies. As aforementioned, the controls are easy as all you have to do is point and click on an enemy and your character will start attacking. The unique aspect of Overkings is that you will have to kill most of the enemies in each level before you can exit and move onto the next area. It’s a fast paced style of game that keeps you battling a lot of enemies in a short amount of time. This isn’t like a RTS game where you have to build an empire first before you can have your first taste of any type of action. Once you have exited the battle screen, you are transported to the game’s “world map”. Here you have an overview of the area where you can travel to so you can accept quests from other characters in the game. It is also here on the map where you can visit shops to improve on things such as your armor and weapons. There is also a unique feature to this game where you can craft your own items too. The only thing that stops the flow of the game is that the game has to load every time you enter a new area. Thankfully, the loading times are not that long but it can get annoying sometimes. The gameplay itself is simple much like most other MMORPG video games. Most of the quests are just entering in different areas of the maps to kill a certain number of enemies. It might be repetitive for some, but the simplicity of the game’s controls and gameplay somehow make it still fun. It’s the type of game people might play if they don’t feel like thinking all of the time. Graphically, Overkings has some pretty basic visuals. The character models aren’t detailed and the game world itself isn’t all that to gripe about either. The graphics look like a game that would have been out in the mid-‘90s during the PSOne era. If you’re looking for a more modern video game that is in HD, you may want to go and play something else as Overkings is as basic as they come. Having said that, the game world itself is great to explore and there are lots of different environments that you can experience in Overkings too. One thing I feel that Overkings is lacking is in the audio department. The game could seriously use some sort of background music to spice up the atmosphere. It feels monotonous without any sort of music. There are some sound effects that are added during some moments in the gameplay, but they’re nothing memorable. Overall, Overkings may not be the most innovative MMORPG game ever made, but its simplicity is what makes this game truly addictive. If you’re the type of gamer that dislikes games that have complicated controls and have graphics that are too good that they lag your computer, than Overkings is the game for you. The browser based graphics are very simple and load quickly plus all you need to remember is to press the right mouse button all of the time. Even though Overkings may seem like a simple and easy game to play, there are heaps of quests that are available that is sure to keep up you occupied for hours on end.

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