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Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis Dragons of Atlantis Review Dragons of Atlantis is a 2D MMORTS that you can play online. It is free to play and can work on any internet browser you might use for your laptop or computer. It follows the traditional formula for RTS games as you will have to collect resources, construct buildings and then assemble an army first before you can declare war on other players. Any RTS fan will be familiar with this setup as most games from the genre play like this anyway.

The game starts off requiring you to “choose your destiny”. This is basically just a fancy way of saying which “faction” you’d like to join. There are four factions that you can choose from in Dragons of Atlantis and they include: A Solerian, Amazon, Zolmec and Primus. After you have chosen a faction, you can choose an avatar to represent your character plus you can give them a name. It is also here that you can give the name for your city too. Once you have done all that, you can then enter the city and start building your empire.

The premise of Dragons of Atlantis is very unique because “dragons” are an important factor in the entire game. This isn’t your traditional style of RTS game where your troops are all humans and are armed with swords and other medieval equipment. Dragons can be used in combat in this game, but you’ll have to raise them from birth at first. Much like many other RTS games before it; constructing the necessary buildings for you to build you empire at the start is an agonizing and slow process. It takes several minutes for just one building to be complete. Not to mention you are unable to start construction on another building until the other one has finished. Pretty much the first time you play this game will be very uneventful because you won’t be able to do much until every necessary building is complete.

Once you have built all of the necessities, playing this game becomes a lot more fun. As aforementioned, the goal of this game is building a strong army so that you can fight off against your enemies and become the biggest and most dominant empire there is. You can do this in multiple ways as one of which is by aligning yourself with friends. Having friends in this game is helpful because they can aid you in a variety of ways and can also help you in battle too.

There is a chat box located at the bottom of the screen too. You can use this to communicate with other players at anytime to ask for advice or even request to become friends. The community in Dragons of Atlantis is generally friendly and they’re not rude like in some other games. The online community for this game is also still pretty strong too so you don’t have to worry about not being able to meet up with other players in this game too.

One of the more unique features of the game is that you have to take care of a dragon(s) from birth and then train them to be fit for battle when they get older. All players will need to construct a “keep” so that they can raise this dragon as a baby until an adult. You can build a whole army of dragons in this game if you have the patience to do so. The more dragons you have in army, the better your chances are of winning battles.

Graphically, Dragons of Atlantis’ visuals are clean although nothing spectacular. It’s also worth mentioning that there is a lack of moving animation in the game too. There’s no “battles” that you can see as battle results are just posted as a report card. The only animation that usually occurs in the game is just seeing your buildings getting constructed. This is a missed opportunity in my opinion because it would have been cool to see flying dragons wrecking havoc. Although I understand from a game development point this would not have been possible for a browser based free to play video game. Still, at least Dragons of Atlantis includes a great soundtrack to listen too. It’s better than playing the game in silence like most free to play games are.

Despite the aforementioned flaws, Dragons of Atlantis is still a fun RTS video game that is accessible for most people. The online community is helpful and the overall gameplay is fun for strategy fans. The biggest selling point of the game is using dragons for warfare and training them. Most RTS games just use vehicles and troops for armies. If you’re looking to play a decent RTS game that will occupy most of your free time, Dragons of Atlantis might be the perfect game for you to play.

Rating: 3.67 [Rate]
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Dragons of Atlantis

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6 March 2014h3rbicide
This is a free game but in all reality it will take you years if you play this way, the free mode. I recently stopped playing the game. Developed a character for over 3 years. But the servers/kabam allows their code to exploited severely, therefore cheating is rampant. You'll be hard pressed to find people who just don't cheat. Normally it's because they don't know how. Kabam straight out in their "disclaimer" aka statement of use say that you are legally bound to not use anything that alters or exploits the game in any way.
Do not get ****ed in by this company. The customer service is UNHEARD of.. I've never had to go to the Better Business Bureau over a company as my patience is incredible. But I went to the Golden Gate Better Business Bureau from lack of Anything from this company. You might spend money and its for bonuses that they off but then don't own up to it and if they do it's a month later. Really consider carefully whether you wish to dedicate ANY part of your time to KABAM in general as this customer service is across the board not just with Dragons of Atlantis. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY
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