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Call of Thrones

Call of Thrones Embarking On Medieval Adventure with Call Of Thrones

Medieval realms, especially stories about kingdoms era have long been used as the main story-line for many RPG games, but despite that frequent usage, the theme never seems to lose its way as either game developer or gamer are still attracted with this kind of story. One of the latest MMORPG title which still use that classic theme as their main story is Call of Thrones, published by YeepGame. Being inspired by the famous Chinese Three Kingdoms' tale, this RPG try to take game players into that exciting adventure in becoming a true hero .

Although having the classic Chinese Three Kingdoms' tale as inspiration, there are not many of that elements being captured in Call of Thrones apart from basic story concept, which tells about three powerful kingdoms getting into a war against each others. In this game, players will be acting as a new warrior from one of those factions and start the journey in becoming legendary hero that help his kingdom in winning that intriguing battle.

Starting things out, gamer will have to do that basic character's customization which offers pretty decent amount of options in setting up what your hero should look like. Aside from the main character, Call of Thrones also provides additional 'help' for your hero, in the forms of a mount and pet. Interestingly, the usage of mount and pet in this game are not actually the same as any other titles with similar genre as on this outing, players will received massive advantage in terms of improving the character's stats.

Aside from that unique pet and mount system, the developer of this browser-based MMO RPG also provided several interesting things such as the interesting skill setup, which being separated into three main specializations, which are, combat, trading and also collecting skills. There are also other exciting stuffs to learn like, Fate, Three parts Quest, Purple Equipment along with Achievement systems that when being mastered properly can really helped making your character much stronger. Many other interesting additions, can also be discovered in this outing as stuffs like Zodiac, Herbalism which might not be a common stuffs in other RPG titles.

Regarding the game control, Call of Thrones basically provides similar setup that is being used in any other MMORPG, which is combining between keyboards along with mouse control. Similar situation can also be found during battles, though there's an option to do an auto-battle, but it's not actually recommended as that option consumers ones coupons or gold. Unless, you are prepared to use real cash for this game, it might not be wise in going auto in all of your battles. Moreover, the combination between turned based systems along with active combat mode actually makes that manual battle much more fun so there's not really any reason for players to select auto-battle setup.

Speaking more about this outing's game play, not that different from any other MMORPG, basically gamer is being handed several assignments which they must finished and some of those are main jobs, which directly connected with the story line whereas there are also other quests which can be done to strengthen your character. Apart from that classic PvE experience, Call of Thrones also offers exciting Player vs Player (PvP) setup, which provide gamer to try showcasing the strength of their main character against another players in a timely based combat. Unfortunately, there are no rewards being provided for winners, so basically the versus battle is being set for fun purpose.

Aside from that combat PvP setup, there's also a guild system, which is being set in a combination between normal battle and RTS system as setting up the right tactics plays an important part in helping player's guild to end up victories. This Guild war also gives more advantages, as players can conquer other cities and also acquired opponent's equipment, but game should also understand that this type of combat consumes their own supplies as well.

Taking a look at its graphic, this browser-based outing do offers interesting 3D technology with a pretty eye catching view and also characters design, though the monsters might not look that different from each others, but the overall package still looking attractive enough. The music sound track is also pretty nice, along with good details in the areas and environment, but there's still an issue with the speed as it seems that there's certain kind of lagging issues happening during playing it. However, the graphic actually can be considered as one of the most interesting element from Call of Thrones, mainly on its cool designs for main character's equipment, pets and mounts.

Overall, this MMORPG from YeepGame offers another exciting adventure into the medieval realm which naturally would caught the interest of Role Playing Games' enthusiasts as this genre always brought that wild imagination from gamer. However, several issues such as repetitive and often boring quests, might sort of bored those in attempting to go further into things as they might not feel challenged enough. Moreover, the lack of PvP element which Call of Thrones offers can also be considered the minus point as there are those who got into Online RPG, mainly to experience that competition against other players. However, with several interesting features such as cool pet and mount system and interesting guild play, those who are really into role playing games, might be keen on giving this one a try.

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Call of Thrones

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