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DragonSoul DragonSoul is a freetoplay MMORPG game that you can play on the PC. One thing PC users will be thankful for is that this game only takes 600MB for you to download it. The waiting time isnt as unbearable if you wanted to download the 25GB behemoth that is DC Universe Online. I had no technical problems downloading and installing the game like with some other games Ive played in the past, so you dont need to worry about the game not working on an older laptop or computer model. Another thing MMORPG veterans will know is that you will always have to create an original character to be before you can start playing the game. DragonSoul is no different as once you log in; you are immediately sent to the character creation screen. As always, there are nice options for you to customize the appearance of your chosen character. You can pick to be a male or female character changing their clothes and hairstyle to fit your personal preference. Apart from choosing the way your character looks, you are also required to choose the class you want to be as well. There are four classes that you can choose from that include the following: Warrior, Hunter, Mage and Assassin. Each class specializes in a different area of combat so choose the class that best suits your personal gameplay style. After you have done that, youre off to ancient China to explore the world of DragonSoul. Graphically, the game is not a visual beast like other freetoplay MMORPG games like DC Universe Online and Wizards 101, however they look great considering the game is only a 600MB download. Not to mention the game runs pretty smoothly even though I was playing the game on a 1GB ram laptop. Im sure the game will run even better if you were playing the game on a 2GB or 4GB computer. Nevertheless, the game environment is huge and the draw distance isnt as bad like if you were playing on an old PSOne game. One thing I would criticize about the visuals are that the environments lack any significant detail. They are not at pretty as in other free toplay MMORPG games Ive encountered. Especially since this game was released in 2011 and not in 2004. Gameplay wise, MMORPG fans should expect the same style of gameplay of talking to a lot of nonplayable characters and accepting to undertake quests for them. At the start of the game, you start off in a humble little village doing many mundane tasks for the inhabitants. Sometimes I question why these characters cant do these tasks themselves. I understand they cannot fight big enemies but Im very sure theyre able to walk a few meters to relay a message to their friends. Thankfully, combat is not turnbased or simulated so you can expect to have full control over your character during each battle. Enemies are situated on the game map itself and you are not transported to a separate screen like in some other RPG games. Personally, I prefer this style of gameplay mechanics more as its more action orientated. Not to mention is its a lot more fun to play. A main aspect in DragonSoul that differentiates itself from other MMORPG games is its heavy focus on adopting pets. This game isnt like Pokemon, but you do have the option to adopt a variety of pets that can aid you in battle. You start off small adopting little animals such as a rabbit, frog and a mantis. You can level them up as well to make them stronger. As you progress, bigger animals will be available to you such as a bear and a fox just to name a few. There are even animals that you can ride on so you dont have to traverse the large landscape on foot. Players can choose to ride on the traditional horse or even on a cute chubby panda. Much like the pets, other animals will become available to you the further you progress into the game. This is a very awesome feature that should be included in other games in my opinion. Another major aspect of DragonSoul is the PvP combat. Unlike other games where you battle oneonone, in DragonSoul you have the option to join a Kingdom and engage in large scale PvP battles. It feels like you are in a movie set fighting in a large battle like the many epic scenes from the Lord of the Rings movies. Its a unique feature of this game and lets hope more game developers incorporate this feature in the near future. DragonSoul is a highly enjoyable freetoplay MMORPG game that doesnt take too much time to download or load on your computer. Although some people might say that the graphics are outdated, the visuals are decent enough so people with older computers will have to trouble playing the game. The combat, PvP battles and many pets that are featured in this game are the best aspects of DragonSoul. If youre looking to play an excellent MMORPG game, than DragonSoul is a something you should look at.

Rating: 3.75 [Rate]
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