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Operation7 Operation 7 is a freeto play FPS game that is available for you to play on your PC. Before I talk about the game itself, let me say that it was quite a hassle trying to download and install the game in the first place. Unlike with most other freetoplay games, you cannot simply register your details, download the game and then play it accordingly. Although registering your details and downloading the game is fairly simple, actually trying to play the game is where things can get annoying. Operation 7 is a part of Netgame and to play all of the games on the site, you need to install a plugin on Firefox before you can actually start playing the game. Im a Google Chrome user so I was unable to play the game via that particular browser. So I had to go back and start Firefox, get the plugin, log back out again for the plugin to install, open the website again and then play the game by opening a separate window. After all that was set and done, I was able to finally start playing this game. Before you can actually head off into battle, you can choose a server for you to play in. Thankfully, theres an entire channel called beginners. If youre not entirely great at playing FPS games, you can always play against other gamers who have the same skill level as you. After that, you can alter the avatar you want to play as. The create options in this game are very limited as you cannot alter the skin color of your character nor can you change their body type. The options are very generic and it seems like the developer just chose options on what they think a typical military soldier should look like. Once you have created the boring look of your character, youre off to the training mode. Im not sure if this has happened to anyone else but I encountered a lot of problems just starting the training mode. I was able walk around and throw grenades just fine, but the game will freeze and shut down whenever I shot any bullet from a machine gun. As annoying as installing the game was, this particular bug in the game was much worse. It wasnt just part of the training mode either, this bug occurred everytime I played the game. Its been a problem in the game ever since it was released and I just found out now that Im not the only person to have encountered this problem. I ended up installing the game on another computer and it was finally working. From the getgo, I knew this was yet another generic modernday style FPS game. Not that this is a bad thing, its just that the video game market has since an abundance of this particular genre thanks to the meteoric rise of Activisions Call of Duty series. Anyone who has ever played these types of games will instantly be familiar with gameplay and weapons that Operation 7 has to offer. The usual modernday weapons are all here such as the P9, MP5 etc. The one thing that I liked about Operation 7 the most is that it has a lot more controls and features than in other freetoplay FPS games Ive played recently. The controls are comfortable as you can use a melee attack by simply using the mouses scroll wheel and you can even adjust weapons so you can use their grenade launcher. Not only that but theres a nifty strafe option too. These features have been implemented before but Ive never encountered them on a freetoplay game before. The only disappointing thing is that you cannot pick up the weapons from dead enemies. This isnt the case for most other FPS games. There are three game modes in total. As expected, they pretty much all require you to kill all your opponents as possible. Most people would play the standard team death match where the team with the most kills in a particular time limit will win. Theres also Survival mode where you have to be the last man standing and then theres Head Hunting where you need to kill the team leader. There are 17 maps in total which is a generous number for a freetoplay game considering other games such as Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 require you to pay extra money for more maps. Operation 7 may not bring anything new to the already oversaturated FPS genre but its fun if you are sick to death playing Modern Warfare 3 or any other FPS game that has been occupying most of your free time. The game may not be as polished as Combat Arms and other freetoplay FPS games but its a nice alternative thanks to the large number of maps that are on offer here.

Rating: 2.57 [Rate]
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