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Narcissu Side 2nd

Narcissu Side 2nd Finally after more than 2 years of delay, the English translated version of the prequel for the visual masterpiece from Stage Nana, Narcissu, is out! For those who have been living under a rock, Narcissu is a free visual novel from the doujin group Stage Nana that tells the story of tragic relationship between terminally ill man and woman. The writer, Tomo Kataoka, is a generous man who allows fan translation group to translate the game not only making the English version of Narcissu to be free but also official. Narcissu: Side 2nds plot revolves around Setsumi, the heroine from the original visual novel, and the people and circumstances that formed her into the character presented in the first game. She will share the limelight with new characters, including Himeko, Yuka and Chihiro. Narcissu 2 is set about six or seven years before the events of the original Narcissu, while Setsumi was still just a regular outpatient living at home near the hospital. We meet Himeko, a former 7th floor helper at the hospital. Cheerful and full of energy, no one expected that she would one day be a patient in the same ward that she had spent so much time volunteering at. One summer day, while Setsumi was going to the hospital for an examination, Setsumi meets Himeko, and a long summer begins.

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Narcissu Side 2nd

 Narcissu Side 2nd Game
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