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Legacy of a Thousand Suns

Legacy of a Thousand Suns Embarking on a Space Themed Text-based Adventure with Legacy of a Thousand Suns

Popularity of text-based RPG games have been rising quite significantly this days as its availability to be played in many platform, including Facebook apparently attracting several game developer to pursue this market. A collaborative work from 5 Planet Games along with Concept Art House resulted in an interesting text-based MMORPG titled Legacy of a Thousand Suns. Just as it was explained this role playing venture isn't something that will provide real time action battle or that classic turn base experience with extravagant visuals, but instead it's more of that story driven outing with some strategic planning setup to finish all the required tasks.

This game is being set in a sort of space-galactic environment, basically taking gamer into that Sci-fi theme realm that might slightly remind people with star wars, star trek or any other similar kind of stories. Starting of the journey at Legacy of a Thousand Suns, players are being asked to pick their preferred character's gender along with creating some basic modification. From that basic setup, gamer can check out the game mechanics by clicking several menus while reading explanation about it. After finishing several stages of mission, players will be provided with three options for classes which each have their own advantages.

Just as many other text-based MMORPG in Facebook, playing this outing requires specific situation such as energy bar when finishing a mission. Since the battle isn't being set as in a real time action setup, gamer must prepare their setup before each mission to avoid unnecessary defeat, though that situation would be rather unlikely during the early part of this outing. There's several stages or zone in the mission setup which will relate directly with the game's storyline. The game also provides some shorts image clips to give gamer a visualization of what kind of story they are currently experiencing in Legacy of a Thousand Suns.

Aside from having several zones, the mission in this outing also have different difficulty levels, which might trigger enthusiasm from advance gamer, who are always seeking for challenges. Being a space themed title, Legacy obviously provides sci-fi related stuff such as spaceship, outer space headquarters and many more. There's many fun stuff that gamer can setup aside from finishing mission, including embarking on PvP action or simply shaping up their hero character. For those who are always seeking for a depth story in an RPG, they can still have it by reading the novel like tale. Although there's an obvious lack of visualization at times, but it shouldn't be something that will bother those who have strong affection for interesting tale.

Just as many probably knew already, the gaming control for this genre is a simple one as players only need to click their mouse in finishing any command. The basic game-play for this outing is practically similar with any other text-based RPG as it's finishing every mission being combined with slight difference in the features being provided since this game mostly provide additional stuff which are related with space theme. Raid can be considered as one of those interesting features as it provides opportunity for gamer to attack mighty bosses along with others. Meanwhile Lab gives that chance for those who love to create some stuff fulfilling their ideas. Players can basically crafted many important things from crews, officers, ship or even ship engineering an interesting amount of choices indeed.

Although there won't be any spectacular visual that can be experienced from Legacy, but for its genre, this title actually crafted a fine art work which should entertain those who are already familiar with text-based RPG. The character's design is quite neat as it can somewhat provide a fun image for gamer about what kind of heroes, villains or environment that they're experiencing. Unfortunately the game's interface might not be something that many gamer are fond of since its can looked rather uncomfortable because of the galactic atmosphere that are trying to be captured by this outing's developer.

Another minus point from this game is that it can took quite a while for gamer to advance into the next step at times because of the energy requirements or other gaming conditions that usually take some time before getting active. The text instruction can also quite confusing as it's not well arranged, so players should really pay a bit more attention when they're reading all of the gaming hints. Moreover, the PvP setup apparently isn't providing much more fun experience compared to the normal mission based setup, a rather disappointing element indeed, especially for those liking this type of features.

Overall, this title is a pretty interesting text-based MMORPG that could provide entertainment for those who are keen with this genre. With simple operational setup along with exciting theme, this title also have potential in attracting new type of players. The in depth story line with fine image also adds that fun factor in experiencing that Sci-fi adventure at Legacy of a Thousand Suns. Although there are obviously minus parts of this outing, but the positives that it offers, not to mention being a free-to-play setup makes it a worthy title for any RPG lovers to check out.

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Legacy of a Thousand Suns

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