Uprising Empires
Description: Uprising Empires Uprising Empires is a free to play MMORTS game that is browser based which is available for you to play online. This means there is no downloading involved and you can play the game almost instantaneously once you register your details. Registering to play the game is a breeze if you choose to use your Faecbook profile. Once youve done that, youre ready to explore what type of game Uprising Empires really is. First, you can get to choose the avatar picture you want to be represented as. There are four teams in this game that represent the following countries/empires: The Mongols, The Turks, Kingdom of Jerusalem and Byzatine Empire. Each empire is represented by either a male or female representative. You can choose to be a male or female character and then you are promoted to the games tutorial. The tutorial isnt mandatory as theres the nifty option of skipping it altogether. Its advisable that you go through the entire tutorial so you wont feel lost as theres no going back. Uprising Empires is your typical style of MMORTS game so anyone who has played this genre before will probably know what to expect out of this game. Uprising Empires probably doesnt offer anything unique to the genre to be honest with you. Its a straight up RTS game where collecting resources, constructing buildings and recruiting soldiers takes up the majority of the gameplay. Gamers who are more into city building games will like this game more than other people will. The reason I say that is because Uprising Empires offers no high action production values to keep you enthralled throughout your playing time. Theres no music to speak of playing in the background nor is there any sound effects included in this game either. Playing in silence gets very boring after a while and detracts you from being immersed into the game world. Another thing this game lacks is action. Sure you can recruit soldier to attack other faction and cities, but you dont actually get to see any of that. You cannot control you soldiers to attack like you can in other RTS games and you dont even get to see them walking around too. Its a very basic and rather boring feature of just clicking attack and then seeing a report card whether you have won or lost the battle. This is not a game I can recommend for gamers looking for high-octane action sequences thats for sure. Graphically, Uprising Empires is nothing special. It lacks the impressive visuals of a comparable RTS game like Reborn Empire. Not only that but the games objectives are what we should come to expect from a typical RTS game. You just end up doing a bunch of quests that to build up your own city to create a string army so you can challenge and conquer other players who may be playing this game. There are no unique features Uprising Empires offers that separate it from the plethora of other free to play MMORTS games out there. One good thing about Uprising Empires is that there is a healthy community of players who are currently playing this game right now. According the Facebook app for the game, there are over 20,000 active monthly players. Also, the game only came out fairly recently and depending on the games popularity, this number is expected to grow. There is also an active chat system included In Uprising Empires too so if youre stuck on the game for any reason, theres always someone out there who can help you out on any queries you might have. Uprising Empires was not the most enjoyable MMORTS games Ive ever played since the game did not offer anything special. The setting the overall gameplay has been done countless times before and RTS veterans wont find anything new to experience here. Still, its a free to play video game so if you are a fan of RTS games, give this game a try to see if it might appeal to you more. Journey into an alternate history with Uprising Empires, a Completely New MMORTS Game! No Download Required. Set in the Middle Ages, Uprising Empires allows you to play the role of a fledging young warlord from the Ottoman Turks, Mongolian Empire, Kingdom of Jerusalem or the Byzantine Empire whose destiny is to strengthen your kingdom, unite your empire and destroy rival regimes.
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