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Bloodlust Vamipre RPG

Bloodlust Vamipre RPG Bloodlust is a single playerlayer role playing game for your Windows PC,so explore the 3D world of a forgotten society of Vampires and disciplines, while trying to battle for hierarchy among the clans. This is a very promising vampire action RPG game, Bloodlust: Vampire Shadowhunter, which you can play for free it is not for the faint hearted though, this is a fairly punishing game. Creators of the cult classic point and click horror series Last Half Of Darkness, WRF Studios, have ventured into a different genre with their latest project. Bloodlust features the typical dark and gritty setting that the developers are known for, but is a classic action RPG that follows two shadow hunters who have been resurrected to kill vampires. Being an RPG, things are not as simple as just hacking and slashing your way through the monstrosities, with each kill the pair lose grip on their humanity and are faced with the threat of becoming the very thing they hunt. Bloodlust features a nonlinear storyline, dynamic inventory, and three different classes and vampirisms skills. It reminds me very much of Vampire: The Masquerade and is certainly worth checking out on that reason alone. The demo takes place in some ruins and is consequently very, very dark but is a good showcase of the games atmosphere and main features.

Rating: 3.88 [Rate]
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Bloodlust Vamipre RPG

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