Description: Loark Loark is a free to play Browser MMORPG developed China based Handseeing and will be published by ClapAlong, the maker of Castlot and Batheo. The game, which is known as in China, was originally launched for Asian Market. In Nov. 28, 2011, ClapAlong officially announced the acquisition of Loark. The deal, according to the press release, is buttoned up at 19.86 million Chinese yuan ,equal to 3.13 million USD, The license is only limited for US regions.Loark is not simply translated for US players, and it instead implements a set of fantasy artworks, and new races and storytelling. Frankly, Loark is just a 2D grinding MMO that combines a Chinese Unique theory of yin yang and five elements such as metal, wood, water, fire and earth.
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