Heroic Odyssey
Description: Heroic Odyssey Heroic Odyssey is a free to play MMORPG game available for you to play online. It is a very colorful and enjoyable browser-based video game which means you have the luxury of not needing to download any of the game data first in order to play it. This can be seen as a good thing as you can start playing the game almost instantly. You start off picking the character you would like to play as in the video game. There are choices of three pre-made male and female characters you can choose from. I prefer games where you can actually alter the appearance of your character, although the character design in Heroic Odyssey isnt too bad so picking a character to be wont be such as hassle. There are three classes to choose from as well each specializing in a specific area of combat. There is the Kunlun who is good at melee and physical attacks. Secondly, theres the Xiaoyo who are good at ranged attacks. Lastly, you can choose to play as the Tangmen who are experts at short ranged physical attacks. Browser based games have come a long way over the last few years. Most browser based video games looked rather basic during the early 00s. Heroic Odyssey was released in 2012 and its impressive visuals really shine here. The graphics are bright and the design of the game is downright beautiful. The game world is huge and there are many large and varied places you can get to explore in Heroic Odyssey. Another great thing about Heroic Odyssey is the soundtrack that plays in the background too. Each new area you will visit in the game you will be greeted with a new tune to listen to. This can be seen as a great thing as most free to play video games either only have one song that loops over and over, or no sound in the game at all. The soundtrack helps capture the atmosphere of the game and is one of the many things Im sure gamers will love about Heroic Odyssey as well. As beautiful as this game is, I was surprised to notice that the game loads very fast too. My computer is a few years old, yet it was still able to play this game with no sweat. Anybody out there with a computer and a decent internet connection should have no trouble playing this game either. Some games from the MMORPG genre can be slow paced and feature a mammoth tutorial mode for you to grow through. Heroic Odyssey is a game that is very fast paced and you can undertake many quests within minutes of just starting the game. At first, the quests are simple as you just need to talk to a specific person. As you progress further into the game, the quests get a lot more entertaining to play. One of the worst things game developers can do these days is feature no action in the game. This is something Ive noticed being used frequently in the RTS genre lately. Heroic Odyssey thankfully allows you to see your characters hack-n-slash in action. Although I have to admit, the combat system and animation in this game are very basic. All you need to do is click on the enemy and your character will kill them on the spot. The enemies are a bit dumb and just stand there in one spot as you try and kill them. Its not until you hit them a few times do they actually notice you will then start attacking back. Another weird thing that happens to enemies in this game is that they respawn instantly on the same spot you killed the other person. For example, if I killed one soldier, his replacement will respawn on the same spot allowing you to kill his replacement too! Despite the less-than-stellar combat system in Heroic Odyssey, the quests are fun and the overall gameplay experience is awesome. Leveling up in this game is fast and quests can be completed at a rapid pace. There are a plethora of things you can do in this game and the excellent music and graphics make playing Heroic Odyssey that much better in my opinion. One free to play video game you should definitely look out for.
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