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BattleSpace BattleSpace is a free to play MMORTS game. The first thing you will notice about the game is its futuristic sci-fi setting. Most RTS games are set in the past so its a refreshing change of scenery to see this game set in the future instead. Since this is a browser-based game, you thankfully dont need to download any game data beforehand to play the game. Having said that, the first time this game loaded up for me it took a very long time to get started. Not sure if this was just my computer or if the game is like this for everyone. In either case, be on the lookout for long load times while playing BattleSpace. As always, you are required to choose the avatar icon that represents you as you play the game. Sadly, theres only one male and one female icon you can choose from which prevent players from having a diverse choice. Still, this isnt something too major to gripe on about as its just a thumbnail icon. Once you have chosen your players icon, you will also have to choose a starting commander. Commanders are people that help you out during battles as you try and conquer new lands and planets. Each commander has their own stats and skills. Its best to choose a commander that meets your needs first. This isnt entirely necessary at the start however as you can always hire new commanders as you progress further into the game anyway. BattleSpace has a pretty simple objective in mind - and that is to conquer and expand your colony to various parts of the solar system. Before you can do all of that however, you will have to colonize your own planet first if you want to dominate the universe. This is pretty much how the game begins and how it plays out. One of the main tasks you have to do in BattleSpace is construct a lot of buildings to make your colony grow. This is something most RTS veterans will get used to, although I dont think it is as time consuming and energy draining as it is in BattleSpace. The tutorial is quite lengthy although its necessary to play through it all if you want to get to grips with the games mechanics. One thing to note about BattleSpace is that its one of those gamess that lacks any type of combat system. As you build your colony and send your commander to either attack new planets, you unfortunately dont get to engage in any actual combat yourself. Combat is simulated much like in other free to play video games. You do get to witness some part of the action via an animation on your log. Although there are no sound effects recorded in BattleSpace, there is background music you can listen to. At first, I thought the background music sounded very cool and appropriately fit within the sci-fi futuristic setting. This all changed when I realized the game only has one song that repeats over and over again. Graphically, BattleSpace is nothing special either. The menus and anime style illustrations are great, but the actual game itself offers nothing to be excited about in terms of visuals. Since BattleSpace was officially online earlier this year, we should come to expect that the graphics looks a little more exciting especially in 2012. BattleSpace unfortunately does not offer anything new to the RTS franchise, nor is the game very fun to play in the long term. The presentation and futuristic setting are the only redeeming factors about the entire game. BattleSpace may appeal to the most hardcore RTS fan but for anyone else, you may be better off playing another free to play video game instead.

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