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Star Project

Star Project STAR PROJECT is an online visual novel complete with mini games and stat raiser. Think of it as IdolMaster for girls. You get to pick one of three ,Korean version has four guys and turn them into idols. You book shows, TV appearances, compete with the rivalry of other superstars, all of this while you and your guy slowly fall in love. The mini games raises the stat of your idol while you earn more money and other bonuses. The story part is just like a regular visual novel with choices and different CGs to unlock. STAR PROJECT is unfortunately not fully voiced, but you will hear them talk sometimes. A feature of the game that I thought looked fun was the dressing up part. The picture below shows some of the costumes available for Touya. The rabbit kigurumi looks adorable! Characters Touya Asagi Pure, naive, kind and popular. He is 17 years old and aims to be the next famous celebrity. Touya is good and dancing and singing but bad at memorizing lines and script for shows and commercials. A very free spirit who loves music. Ren Akabane. Ren is the punk,rockish type of the guys and 20 years old. His strong point is his looks and he works as a model while climbing the ladder of celebrity life. When he was young his family died and because of this he got a arrogant and stubborn personality. The more you get to know him and his past the more you will come to understand he isn't as bad as he tries to be. Last guy is Torian. Very laidback guy with a mysterious past. Nobody knows much about him or where he is from. Torian is very popular with the ladies and states that as long as its a female, age doesnt matter. He doesnt have a weak point as an idol and his best skill is his smooth voice. Torian seiyuu is Miki Shinichirou .

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Star Project

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