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Dragon Eternity

Dragon Eternity Dragon Eternity is a browser based fantasy MMORPG created by Q1 Online. The game allows players to do quests, slay monsters and villains, and shuttle back and forth on the different maps.According to the developer, Dragon Eternity has been developed for 18 months, and the open beta was launched in November 15, 2011. Currently, it can be played via browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and IE, but the official statement also said there will be a client to be released in the future for quick loading and better performance. Dragon Eternity is a browser based F2P game which combines role playing, adventure and turn based combat. Against a fantasy setting, the game takes players into the land of Dragons where players just fight the way up against monsters, NPC foes and real player enemies. Dragon Eternity doesnt provide a story or a plot. Players just select one side, Vaalor or Sadar, and jump into gameplay. Three character archetypes are available for players to roleplay and develop. With level up, players can unlock magic skills in six elemental forms, and get dragons of six races at certain level as fighting pets to aid in battles. Dragon Eternity sounds more interesting than it really is. Without an immersive plot to drive the storyline, quests are more like random tasks to send players to grind. Purchase equipment in the shop and equip them, and kill x amount of whatever in somewhere. To speak of the turn-based combat, its slow paced in nature, which is compounded by the constant cutscreen. Specifically, players click on one enemy, enter the combat screen, defeat the opponent, return to the wild to click on another enemy, and repeat. Low drop rate makes it unavoidable to grind for items such as orbs and insignias unless you directly buy from the shop. And powerful items in shop are usually premium.

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Dragon Eternity

 Dragon Eternity
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Dragon Eternity IPAD

«Dragon Eternity» - is a free cross-platform game in the style of MMORPG fantasy made by Game Insight LLC, which you can play on an iPad or via browser on your pc or a laptop.

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