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Long Live The Queen

Long Live The Queen So yes, Long Live The Queen is a life simulator which comes with, as they quite often do it seems, an anime art style. After the queen has passed away, her 14 year old princess daughter is left to manage the throne. It is not going to easy of course, what with those dastardly people trying to kill you at every whim. Yes, seriously it seems the developers have gone the incongruous route and shoved a game about avoiding death in a pink and sparkly exterior. The reason for the want of your death is obvious you are a naive little girl with a lot of power and everyone else craves it. No the throne, not that you perv! Evil relatives, invasions, civil war, uprisings, assassinations, feuds, and, um, eldritch abominations are listed as some of the things you will have to tackle in this avoiding death sim. Gameplay wise, you will be managing stat screens, talking to people who always have an ulterior motive ,watch out for those charming princes, and making decisions based on everything you have hopefully taken in. It is pretty inevitable that you will die though, so starting again and trying out new things seems to be a necessity. Long Live The Queen is currently available for PC, Mac and Linux at 12.95 USD and yes there are demos available so try them out first .

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Long Live The Queen

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